Building a Solid Foundation for Mobile Computing


There's obviously a tremendous amount of interest in building mobile computing applications for the latest and greatest smartphones. But as IT organizations rush to embrace these platforms, many will discover that the provided application-development platforms are not all that robust for enterprise-class applications.

In particular, enterprise applications need a robust database on the device that can support sophisticated synchronization services, says Mike Paola, director of product management for Sybase.

Sybase today is announcing the availability of the SQL Anywhere 12 database, which in addition to synchronization, offers support for the iPhone, spatial data and new self-managing capabilities.



But most importantly, the SQL Anywhere database includes a testing platform, so developers don't have to acquire and master separate testing tools. And should the application run into an issue, the SQL Anywhere database make it simpler to roll back to a previous version of the application.

Demand for mobile applications in the enterprise has probably never been higher. But for all the enthusiasm, IT organizations need to think long and hard about how they will manage multiple mobile applications on a variety of platforms over the long term. And once you start thinking about the long haul, anchoring your application on an independent platform makes sense, especially when you consider how often the hot platform of the day changes in mobile computing.