An Open Source Approach to Managing Documents


A lot of IT time, effort an money goes into managing documents. IT organizations have thrown everything from high-end document management systems, databases such as Lotus Notes and portal software such as Microsoft SharePoint at the problem.

Now an open source approach to the problem that allows IT organizations to manage documents for free is gaining some traction.


Apache CouchDB is an object database designed to store documents efficiently using replication, synchronization and a built-in query engine that doesn't require SQL. According to J. Chris Anderson, director of Couchio, a company formed to provide professional support for Apache CouchDB, the days of paying exorbitant prices to manage documents are coming to an end.

It remains to be seen just how much momentum Apache CouchDB can garner because most of the people using it discovered it as a result of using Linux on the desktop. While not officially supported on Windows just yet, the Apache CouchDB is POSIX compliant, so it runs on most Windows systems. Given those issues, making the rest of the world aware of Apache CouchDB will take some effort.

But for IT organizations looking for a simple, inexpensive way to manage documents, especially on a Linux server, a new alternative is definitely at hand.