A Helping IT Hand for Returning Veterans

Michael Vizard

It's estimated that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of over 400,000 open IT jobs available in the U.S. At the same time as U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq winds down, hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans are returning to the workplace between now and 2016.

The folks at CompTIA think that once properly trained, many of those veterans will make ideal IT employees. To that end, the IT trade association is stepping up its efforts to help train U.S. veterans in the ways of IT via a new Troops to Tech Careers program.

To facilitate that effort, CompTIA is working with New Horizon Computer Learning Centers and the Department of Labor's One Stop Career Centers on pilot programs in 23 cities to give free training, certification and job assistance to our military veterans.

According to Gretchen Koch, director of workforce development for CompTIA, what's fundamentally changing is that the U.S. government is now more aggressive about funding IT training programs under the provisions of a variety of military personnel assistance programs and the general push to create jobs during a stagnant economic period. With many IT jobs not being filled, the IT sector provides a ready pool of prospective employers for military veterans once they acquire the required IT skills.

From an employer's perspective, U.S. veterans tend to make for good employees simple because they are used to working within an extended command structure that not only makes them reliable, but also savvy enough to know what it takes to complete a large-scale project. And that's not a set of core skills that can be found just anywhere.

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Sep 7, 2011 12:55 PM Abraham Galvan Abraham Galvan  says:

New Horizon of Austin, TX has falsely represented themselves and have taken advantage of Veterans and the funds they had for training. They have upset and cause many veterans depression and hardships here in Austin, TX  Many Veteran organizations along with Texas WIA program are very displeased!!!  Now there is a TRUE IT Training center who cares and will make a difference and help Veterans and the needy. This is Emerging Computer Academy, Veteran owed and ran by an elite certified team who cares for the future advancement of those who served our country Honorably!!!

Sep 9, 2011 3:42 PM Certification Professional Certification Professional  says: in response to Abraham Galvan

An interesting comment from Abraham Galvan.  Given that he is the CEO of Emerging Computer Academy, a small competitor of New Horizons, it's unfortunate he feels he has to bash his competition in a public forum. 

Since 1982, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has grown to become the largest independent IT training company worldwide.  We offer more courses, at more times and in more locations than any other computer and business training company.  Businesses and individuals can choose from hundreds of course offerings, delivered by experts, and offered in hundreds of convenient locations around the world.

New Horizons has provided many of our graduating students with job opportunities with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses.

We are the largest network of Microsoft Certified Partners and Gold Partners for Learning Solutions in the world.

New Horizons consistently outperforms benchmark peer IT training companies in instructor performance, courseware quality and facility satisfaction.

Over 98% of our clients utilize the knowledge and skills gained through New Horizons training in their job.

Over 59% of New Horizons students state that the training received was critical to their job performance.

New Horizons training yields a 4:1 benefit-to-cost ratio relative to the predicted increase in performance (tied to a standard salary classification).


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