With All the iDol Worship, I'm Already Sick of the iPad


Steve Jobs and his cronies at Apple blew it when they named the iPad. They should have called it the "iDol," because it's a false god if ever there was one.


The iPad isn't even on the shelves yet, and I'm already sick of it. The ridiculous iPad-worship has gone so far over the top that it's being heralded as a "savior," as if we should all be wearing white ascension robes when its long-awaited coming finally happens.


Congregations of the Apple faithful are practically fainting in ecstasy as the pundits preach from their pulpits about how the iPad will save them and their industries from the hell-fires of obsolescence.


The trumpet-blasts began with conjecture that the iPad will be the savior of newspapers, magazines and books. As the fervor grew, we heard that the entire publishing profession will be saved! But wait! Yes, even the advertising industry will be saved! Alas! All of media as we know it will be saved!


Amid the clamor, other industries began clinging to the iPad's flowing robes. The comics industry will be saved!. The video game industry, too! Hark! Web design will also meet its savior!


I can just picture Jobs cackling in delight, as once again we've come under the spell of a product that we desperately hope will change our sad, pathetic lives. The iPad will save no industry and no profession. The very suggestion that it possibly could shows just how far out of touch with reality we've allowed Apple's marketing machine to bring us.