Time to Ratchet Down the Paranoia Over �Outsourced'

Don Tennant

I've made no secret of my lamentation about the way the NBC sitcom 'Outsourced' has highlighted a widespread loss of our ability to keep a sense of humor under difficult circumstances, so shame on me if I lose mine over reader commentary on the subject. But keeping a sense of humor doesn't mean I'm willing to let blatant misinformation slide without being challenged.

In my post last week, I quoted a reader who commented on an earlier post I'd written on the topic, Here's an instant replay of that comment, so skip over it if you've already read it:

The fact that a show like this would surface at all means the insurgency has the globalists and India, Inc. on the run. Americans are waking up to the India, Inc./globalization fraud and the mainstream media is in a panic. You can bet someone from India had a hand in its creation. No doubt foreign lobbying group NASSCOM wanted to get further control of our media and called up the execs @ NBC and said "Hey, how about a show where we make fun of American workers and hype India. WE'LL PAY YOU". That's the way the NASSCOMs and Tatas of the world operate.

No doubt the show will depict all American workers as silly and stupid and all Indian workers as super-brilliant geniuses. This despite the fact that up until 1998 IT was 98% white American males and the fact that India has no native operating system, or applications. But that's ok-let them continue with the propaganda.

A reader who commented on last week's post made a claim about my selection of that quote that warrants some scrutiny:

I also find it amusing (but not surprising) how you chose the most extreme anti-offshoring activist to quote, allowing the uncritical reader to think that all of us "antis" are nuts.

Now, my sense of humor is intact, but I have to admit I don't share this reader's amusement. This is the type of assertion that can be all too easily conveyed as fact, because who's going to bother to go back and check to see if I really did single out the most extreme anti-offshoring activist to quote, right? There were more than 30 comments in that thread. Who has the time or inclination to sort through them to do the fact-checking?

Allow me to offer a little assistance. Was this reader not a bit more extreme than the reader I quoted?

No wonder India has yet to master indoor plumbing�-they lack logical skills. Sorry, I'm done debating with a Hindu-fascist like yourself.� If you people are so logical, perhaps you should stop practicing discrimination and misogyny.� Or at least keep those practices confined to the borders of your backwards sub-continent.� We Americans don't welcome those traits in our country.

How about this one (edited for clarity)?

As everybody here knows Americans got raped by these crazy H-1B visas and� outsourcing workers from overseas for a long while and how dare NBC try to make fun of them? ... My further investigation [revealed that] NBC is [a] partner with Microsoft, and Bill Gates is the king of supporting cheap slave H-1B visas. Surely,� I am not surprised at NBC's stupidity at all. Keep in mind when this sucker "Bill Gates" runs for office he will be in my sht list first, just like Carly Fiorina '

So I'll have to plead not-guilty to trying to mislead anyone by quoting the most extreme reader. The reason I chose that particular quote is that it encapsulated a main theme of the comment thread-that this sitcom was the outgrowth of a corporate conspiracy against U.S. workers. It's probably a safe bet that nobody has the time or inclination to fact-check that statement, either, so let me help. Here are some of the other comments from that thread:

Frankly, I believe this is an attempt by the corporate-owned media to manipulate Americans into believing that they have no control over the situation, so they should simply laugh it off.
Simple, just another way for Corporate America to disrespect the working class and make a dime off of them at the same time.
Making fun of the situation in their sitcoms, while blacking out the issue in their news at a time of high joblessness only reveals how much the network hates the average citizen.

So once again, I would simply suggest that we not take a show with an Indian character named 'Manmeet' who sells products like 'Jingle Jugs' too seriously. Call it dumb, infantile, and an outrageous waste of time if it's not your brand of humor. But let's ratchet down the paranoia a tad. And let's not allow that paranoia to breed misinformation.

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