Mamas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Tech Pros

Don Tennant

One of the saddest trends I've observed in recent years is the growing proclivity of IT professionals to discourage their children from pursuing a career in a computer-related field. Layoffs, offshore outsourcing and tough working conditions have soured so many people on the profession that kids are being steered away from studying computer science by many of the very people who have nurtured the growth of the IT industry in this country.


I had an exchange on this topic last week with a couple of readers who commented on a blog post I'd written about the unfortunate way that some disgruntled IT workers vent their anger. It went like this:


Reader 1: Don, would you encourage your children (if you have [any]) [to] pursue a STEM career? ...


Me: I have four children, and two of the three that are out of college have pursued STEM careers. I encouraged them in that pursuit, but then again I would have encouraged them regardless of the career field they chose.


Reader 2: When you say "pursued STEM careers," are they currently employed? If so, I'm interested to know where all these jobs in STEM are. Cheap labor advocates like yourself have had free rein for several years now with the promise that "more H-1B visas will equal more jobs for Americans." Where are these jobs that have been created?


Me: Yes they are. One is a U.S. naval officer, and the other is working at MIT Lincoln Labs.


The inference was that no one in his right mind would encourage his kids to go into a computer-related career field, or, one might surmise, to take computer science and other courses to prepare for such a career. If that's the case, then at least we know that our school systems are growing more sane by the day.


An article on washingtonpost.com yesterday drew some attention to the fact that fewer and fewer high schools are even offering computer science courses. Here's an excerpt:


Nationally, the portion of schools that offer an introductory computer science course has dropped from 78 percent in 2005 to 65 percent this year, and the corresponding decline in AP [advanced placement] courses went from 40 to 27 percent, according to a survey by the Computer Science Teachers Association.


In the spring, the College Board, citing declining enrollment, canceled its AP computer science AB class, the more rigorous of its two courses in the subject.


The result of sporadic or skimpy computer science training is that a generation of teenagers great at using computers will be unlikely to play a role in the way computer technology shapes lives in the future, said Chris Stephenson, executive director of the New York-based Computer Science Teachers Association.


"Their knowledge of technology is very broad but very shallow," she said.


That has economic implications. "If you look at history, the nations with economic superiority are building the tools the rest of the world is using," Stephenson said.


Especially troubling is that, according to the article, "Computer science is not considered a core subject by the No Child Left Behind law, which influences school priorities and budgets."


Parents who are IT professionals, and who by the nature of their work understand how critical the field is, should be at the forefront of encouraging school systems and their own children to make computer science an academic and professional priority. That so many of them have opted to distance themselves from that responsibility will only serve to further weaken our competitiveness.

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Dec 22, 2009 9:02 AM P James P James  says:

The simple fact of the matter is that children will end up gravitating to the fields with the most income potential.  That isn't STEM right now.  In fact, since the inception of the H-1B program, incomes in these fields have been steadily declining.  Why would someone pursue a career in a field where you constantly have to compete with foreign slaves who are willing to work for half the money any self-respecting American would accept? 

Dec 22, 2009 9:12 AM Tom Tom  says: in response to Don Tennant

I have 2 siblings, who both married engineers

out of these 4 parents are/were 3 engineers and one CIO

NONE of them are pushing their kids toward engineering/tech

Why?  Becasue they've seen firsthand what's happening

H-1b is a super anti-subsidy for middle class people and a massive subsidy for corporations

"But Nobel economist Milton Friedman scoffs at the idea of the government stocking a farm system for the likes of Microsoft and Intel. "There is no doubt," he says, "that the program is a benefit to their employers, enabling them to get workers at a lower wage, and to that extent, it is a subsidy."


are kids supposed to ignore this, Don?

Maybe the solution is to drop Econ101 from degree requirements

People refrain from doing whatever it is that govenrnment punishes, be it speeding or engirneering/tech

Dec 22, 2009 9:14 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to P James

Actually, if you do a little research you'll find that this generation is more civic-minded than Gen X and the boomers, and will tend to gravitate to the fields where they think they can make a difference. It's not all about the money for them.

Dec 22, 2009 9:22 AM Don Don  says: in response to Don Tennant

"Actually, if you do a little research you'll find that this generation is more civic-minded than Gen X and the boomers"

It shows in your case, Don.  ANYONE is more civic minded than you.

And you've just insulted an awful lot of people who are far more generous to those less fortunate than the  h1-bs that replace them.

Our school was always giving to India, Brahmin Varna Caste H-1b Indians treat their lower caste Indians like dirt

Dec 22, 2009 9:33 AM Tom Tom  says: in response to Don

and this is your 4th bite at this apple(4th article on this topic this year), Don, you can make it 10 and you wont convince anyone, becasue you are WRONG


here's a post you wrote earlier in this year

"reply | report this comment Rate this

Rated -63

73 VotesOr you could just ask me

Submitted by Don Tennant on February 2, 2009 - 14:53.

My sympathies lie not just in what's in the best interests of America and its citizens, but what's in the best interests of mankind as a whole. "

Did you take that attitude when you drew a taxpayer paid salary working for the NSA? (as your bio says) That it's OK to compromise the interests of American citizens if it serves your lofty goals 'for all of mankind'?

Dec 22, 2009 9:43 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Don

Nonsense. I insulted no one. I simply pointed out to the reader who said that children will gravitate towards the highest-paying jobs that it's not all about the money for this generation. Millennials are more civic-minded (more into service and volunteerism, for example) than the past couple of generations. That's all. That insults no one. It's simply a trend that researchers on the topic have observed. www.usatoday.com/news/sharing/2009-04-13-millenial_N.htm

Dec 22, 2009 9:52 AM Tom Tom  says: in response to Don Tennant

"Millennials are more civic-minded (more into service and volunteerism, for example) than the past couple of generations. "

that wont last if the jobs the get dont justify the time and expense of going to college.  That's already happened to some people

Dec 22, 2009 10:04 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Tom

Yes, I had the same attitude when I worked at NSA, as I did when I drew a taxpayer-paid salary when I served in the military before that. There are purposes higher than the material interests of any single country, including our own. The heroes I had the honor of serving with in both capacities would be the first to tell you that.

Dec 22, 2009 10:30 AM P Revere P Revere  says: in response to Don Tennant

   Don, what is the point you are trying to make?  Our children should pursue STEM careers even if it means low pay and long hours?  We should strive to emulate the citizens of third world countries who come here and work like sled dogs for a pittance?  It seems ridiculous and contradictory to be in favor of the H-1B program on one hand while bemoaning the fact that American students aren't foolish enough to jump into fields with no future earning potential.

  People work for money, Don.  There is less and less of it to be had because of cheap labor cheerleaders like yourself.  If you want American kids to go in to STEM fields, stop importing the third world competition just to increase the profits of companies such as Microsoft.  I can assure you there is nothing "civic-minded" about their quest for the cheapest labor on the planet.

Dec 22, 2009 10:39 AM Tom Tom  says: in response to Don Tennant

nobody doubts that you have a lot of company in your attitude Don

"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

David Rockefeller, from his 2002 book Memoirs, page 405

Maybe you can get a pat on the head from Mr. Rockefeller someday Don, "Good Boy"

Dec 22, 2009 11:10 AM Tom Tom  says: in response to Don Tennant

Don says

"One of the saddest trends I've observed in recent years is the growing proclivity of IT professionals to discourage their children from pursuing a career in a computer-related field. Layoffs, offshore outsourcing and tough working conditions have soured so many people on the profession that kids are being steered away from studying computer science by many of the very people who have nurtured the growth of the IT industry in this country."

you are so pig-headed Don, to observe this, and think that the answer, is a lecture from you

what -  you think that parents shouldnt be allowed to pass on to their OWN children the experience of their lives?!?!

That they're not allowed to say anything that isnt blessed by the media, that they should check with YOU first?

How on earth did you ever become so narcissistic Don?

Dec 22, 2009 12:02 PM Displaced Displaced  says:


I feel that you are out of touch with the realities of thousands and thousands of American Tech Workers severely impacted by widespread H-1B and L-1 visa corruption.

Before you jump to conclusions and dismiss laid off tech workers, it might help you and your readers to get some of the facts about us - talented, qualified and hardworking American Tech workers who have paid their dues and their taxes.   

As a result of corrupt H-1B and L-1 visa policies, I was replaced by less qualified H-1B and L-1 workers (the plural is correct).  I've lost my job, and losing my home, life savings, and healthcare.  And, I am one of the luckier laid off workers I know.  

I am neither a deadbeat, slacker, nor entitled out of date bottom feeder. 

A top performing technical pro, with 15+ years High Tech and Wall Street background, I have an MBA, and current Deans list worker retraining student. 

Despite applying for 30+ jobs weekly for 6+ months, (and doing EVERYTHING I can think of to find work),  I have heard NOTHING and still unemployed.    

It is a fact that laid off American workers affected by widespread visa fraud and abuse have lost their homes and living out of their cars this cold winter. It is also a fact that many laid off American workers replaced by H-1B and L-1 visa workers have committed suicide because they are unable to find a job.  

Don, you are fortunate to be in a position of authority where you can make a difference in the lives of American tech workers - your family, friends, and colleagues.    I encourage you to dig deeper into the facts of this crisis and listen to the people directly affected - NOT just tech company executives and paid off bureaucrats who benefit by perpetuate the lies because they are direct beneficiaries of this abuse. 

Please check www.twitter.com/endh1bonlyads to see how the depth of H-1B and L-1 corruption.

Don, I am asssuming you are an American citizen. 

Can you please help me understand WHY Opus 119 in Irvine, CA is seeking H-1B only flute and cello teachers?   

Can you please help me understand WHY Tech Revo is seeking H-1B only Auto Workers for jobs in Ohio?

Thank you for your help and understanding.  All we ask is for you to check your facts and make sure that the truth is exposed - not Bill Gates' but the truth of over 5 million Americans who's lives have been ruined by widespread corruption. 

Sometimes the emperor has no clothes because people are afraid to speak the truth.  In this case, the emperor's employees have no clothes because they have been replaced by H-1B and L-1 visa workers and cannot find a job.

Happy Holiday for some. For the rest of us, I wish you good fortune and hope you have a hot meal and roof over your head this holiday season.

Dec 22, 2009 12:38 PM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Displaced

I am saddened and disgusted by the fact that you and so many other American workers have suffered because of the abuse of the system. I assure you, I dismiss no laid-off worker, tech or otherwise. As I've said so many times before, the system is broken and needs to be fixed. What I've focused on in addressing this topic is my conviction that the stench of hate-mongering, divisiveness and reckless accusations that has enveloped the discussion has to be lifted as a prerequisite to solving the problems that you so eloquently and touchingly describe. First things first. If we don't solve the hate problem, we will never stand a chance of overcoming the difficulties that confront us. Thank you for your input. I wish you and your family all the best.

Dec 22, 2009 2:27 PM Indian_H1B Indian_H1B  says: in response to Don Tennant

Someone wisely mentioned economic impetus above and I think that's a key angle. In fact, a significantly large number of top quartile STEM students in the US since 1990 have moved into financial services. When Wall Street firms pay you 100% bonuses over a 90K salary, even a 135 K dream job at Google in expensive SV is bound to inspire introspection.

Add to it the fact that IT skills are largely becoming commoditized; salaries were bound to eventually tableau (even dip to an extent).

It's just the order of things. Eventually, if healthcare costs are ever curbed, you'll see a number of doctors complain that they no longer make 5 times the average American's pay.

America's illustious 233-year history has ever been a story of adaptation. That resilience will continue, I am sure. For now, it's expedient to burn H-1Bs at the stake. What would life be without villains to blame - imaginary or otherwise.

Dec 22, 2009 2:34 PM Indian_H1B Indian_H1B  says: in response to Indian_H1B

For the person above who mentions the dominance of India's top castes. You'll never see it in press (would be journalistic suicide), but there has been a systematic and overbearing concept of affirmative action in all strata (especially education and public sector jobs) over the last 62 years.

That has greatly leveled the playing field socioeconomically. You will find some, cursed to have been born of a higher caste, clean toilets in New Delhi in spite of earning a college degree of some kind. They're collateral damage for the larger good of a more equitable society in India.

Any system will always leave a few people behind. That's destiny!

Dec 22, 2009 4:30 PM Barb Barb  says: in response to Don Tennant

Well, I'm third generation IT and like Don I have 4 grown children. However, my children want to live a long life (www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&;address=103x501517) and sleep indoors (www.outsourcedandhomeless.com/) so I told them, "Yeah, get good with computers and math, but major in something else." I just love how the Indians see suffering and unfairness in their own nation, and thik it would be a good idea to export it here. Yeah, let's erase a century of labor rights progress and living standard development just to make them happy. They need to fix their own country, not ruin ours. Remember, the Indian who is posting here probably took a job that an American could easily do, and is arguing for the same benefit for his countrymen against us. They outnumber us by nearly 4 to one. Do the math, America.

Dec 22, 2009 4:43 PM Displaced Displaced  says:

Jobless Americans cannot wait for Miss Manners - sure polite is nice, but for crying out loud, we're living out of cars thanks to H-1B and L-1 visa fraud and abuse.Santa said forget about getting a job because you've used a 4 letter word, and you get no supper.  

American Workers have EARNED the right to be treated with respect. We are the targets, not the perpetrators of racist innuendo.Americans lack talent?Come on...Substitute Aryan race for India, Jews for American Tech Workers - what do you get - H-1B and L-1 visa abuse and millions of jobless Americans.

Respectfully, the H-1B "hate" situation you describe is not due to racism, but the direct results of corporate greed run amok, unregulated and widespread corruption that lack of legal, political, and criminal enforcement.Thanks to this toxic cocktail, Congress passed laws that allow US employers to discriminate against Americans and hire exclusively offshore for US jobs.  

Net, billionaires, and temporary visa workers win (short term), and American workers lose - jobs, homes, life savings, insurance, and in several cases lives.

Why?Since employers bypass and discriminate against American workers, we are unable to compete for jobs in our own country. 

Greedy billionaires buy political influence (facts, not accusations, chase the money) and voila-employers cry that there is a lack of American talent. 

I say these myths are BS.I am 100% certain that I can run circles so fast around inexperienced foreign workers;they wouldn't know what hit them. 

Are laid off workers angry?

You bet.

Are laid off workers frustrated that temporary visa workers take our jobs?

Of course, wouldn't you be mad?

So what are laid off workers doing to change the situation?

Everything we can to get the word out, including writing letters like this.

Sadly, displaced workers like me have no voice. 

How can you help laid off Americans?

Rather than buy into the myth that Americans lack talent-why not talk about how much value American talent CONTRIBUTE to our country?  

American Tech Workers are the unsung heroes of the technology revolution.

We, NOT Bill Gates, brought technology to America and the world. 

- Does Home Depot get exclusive credit for rebuilding American infrastructure, just because a worker bought their hammer?  

No one seems to be interested in the facts of current unemployment crisis.Dig below the income statement and balance sheet, there's more to the story. 

Do you really believe Microsoft needed to lay off 5,000 American workers in 2009?

Is so, why did they hire even more H-1B and L-1 replacements? And, why do they hire temporary visa workers instead of their recently laid off workers? 

Why don't laid off workers have a seat at the table to discuss ways to solve the unemployment crisis?For example, Obama's No jobs summit, not one laid off worker.Just maybe, we have some constructive ideas to contribute to solving the crisis  

Side note, any laid off workers send Obama suggestions on how to address the jobs crisis?If so, anyone receive more than a canned form letter reply?

How can America solve the Unemployment Crisis?

SIMPLE and won't cost taxpayers dime. Reply

Dec 22, 2009 4:44 PM Displaced Displaced  says:

Call an IMMEDIATE, temporary moratorium on all H-1B and L-1 hiring and send temporary guest workers home at the end of their contract.Moratorium for 24 months or until US unemployment is less than 4%.

Expect to hear the employer Battle cry-BUT BUT WE NEED talent and can't find qualified Americans. (Oh, and of course, Nasscom "protectionst", innovation, xenophobia accusations).US government, let me remind you that this is the USA, NOT the United States of Microsoft or India.

Tech Revo  Do you REALLY need to hire H-1B only Autoworkers from India for Ohio jobs?

Opus 119   Do you REALLY need to hire H-1B only Flute Teachers for your Irvine, CA School?

Hyatt         Do you REALLY need to hire H-1B only Bartenders for your east coast hotels?

Arizona      Do you REALLY need to hire H-1B only Transit Planners from India for Phoenix?

CVS            Do you REALLY need to hire 400 H-1B pharmacists from India for Rhode Island?

Texas        Do you REALLY need to hire American History teachers from India for public schools?

Washington State-Do you REALLY need to cut basic medical care for 100,000 state residents and cut teacher salaries to subsidize college tuition for Microsoft H-1B workers earning on average $92,000 twice the average state salary?  

Guess what, we've got the solution. Despite popular belief, we have the answers to these problems and it is us. American Workers.

Thank you

Proud American, Displaced American Worker

Dec 22, 2009 7:24 PM P Revere P Revere  says:

Why would you encourage your children to go in to STEM careers when there are so many cheap, labor advocates like yourself determined to keep the wages low using mechanisms like the H-1B program?  Don, THERE ARE NO JOBS so HOW CAN THERE BE A SHORTAGE OF QUALIFIED PEOPLE? 

Dec 22, 2009 7:46 PM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to P Revere

Shhhhhhhh. You'll wake up the kids.

Dec 23, 2009 10:20 AM Dolores Dolores  says: in response to Displaced

Somebody else preparing to post a job opening seeking a foreigner.


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Join Date: Mar 2008

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Professional Journal/Assosciation website to post a web developer ad


Hi everybody,

I was wondering if somebody could help me with a journal/professional association website that my job ad (senior web developer) could be posted.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also I had a question about the employment.

When one graduates from University is he/she eligible to still work for the University while waiting for the OPT?

i.e. graduation date (dec 22) - opt start date (january 17th)"


Think an American application will have a chance?

Dec 23, 2009 1:17 PM Displaced Displaced  says: in response to Dolores

My (American) cat is better qualified to be a web designer than the foreign student requesting a job.  Give me a break - what a lie, Americans don't have skills.

Don, I challenge the web designer to a shoot out - once and for all put the BS lies about our lack of skills to rest.  I am confident I can run circles around this person, and they wouldn't know what hit them.  As demonstrated by this person's inability to write coherent English I'd let them bring a dictionary. I would not however, allow their common practice of having another person on the telephone during job interviews to look up answers to questions.

What a lie, we don't have skills.  Americans, can you suggest places where like minded, talented American workers can get together to fight this economic terrorism and can reclaim our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness (the historic term for JOBS).  

Jan 1, 2010 10:49 AM H1B=TREASON H1B=TREASON  says: in response to Don Tennant


I would love to steer my kids into Engineering ... if I could afford to have any.  But, no ... even though I spent 12 years in the US Navy defending our country (and 47 of my USS Iowa shipmates got vaporized), even though I am 4th generation to defend this country, even though I spent 10 years studying advanced engineering classes (56 hours, 3.95GPA) for an MSEE and almost MSCS, even though I had excellent performance reviews and multiple promotions ...

I can not get a job ANYWHERE now ... for a YEAR! 

In a couple months, we TOO will be living in our SUV.  We cant sell out house - so we will lose everything.  My wife (also an Engineer) was DESTROYED by corruption and greed.  She suggests we just commit suicide and get it over with.

Fact of the matter is, I got laid off, while ALL the 20'ish H-1B's in my group did not.  In fact, my company IMMEDIATELY applied for several HUNDRED more H-1B's ... right after flushing 3600 Americans.

Lets get real.  The Mega-Corps have BILLIONS to bribe politicians.  They put together Cartels (Compete America) to share strategies for replacing Americans with foreigners and suppressing wages (I have proof).  They are 'pleading' for emergency H-1B relief ... while firing Americans.  Bill Gates and John McCain (amongst many others), want NO CAP on H-1Bs. 

Of course, basic economics proves that the average wage will fall from 80,000/year to 13,000/year.  Its a simple Supply/Demand equation.  Number of US Engineers vs Foreign Engineers, Average Salary of Americans vs Foreigners.  Right now, H-1B's are limited to 85,000/year (but 125,000 Workers are let in every month!). With 'only' 85,000/year ... the wages for companies like Texas Instruments have FALLEN 2.5% since 2001 ... while their profits have grown 2 BILLION.  (look at myvisajobs.com). 

Encourage our kids to get into Engineering! Haha.  What an idiot.

Encourage our kids to joined the military - so they can die for foreigners.

Here's some facts for you:













To require any less, is to betray the millions of Americans who have already sacrificed for this Nation, for our Constitution, and who have invested their blood and tears in building this great nation.

Jan 1, 2010 11:35 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to H1B=TREASON

Thank you for your comment and especially for your sacrifices in service to our country. My family and I deeply appreciate it.

Jan 1, 2010 6:31 PM Blue Blue  says: in response to Don Tennant

I'm sure he appreciates the kind words, but if you really want to thank him you could use your position as an IT journalist to write about the damage caused by the H1b program.  Perhaps start with his story, and publish it here at ITBusiness edge. 

Jan 2, 2010 9:10 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to H1B==TREASON

Yes, my son is in the Navy and has also served in harm's way. He has an undergraduate degree in computer science from the U.S. Naval Academy. He graduated in 2003 with a 4.0 GPA, and he was awarded a scholarship to get his graduate degree in computer science from Cambridge University in the U.K. He wants to pursue a career in IT, and I guarantee you he will succeed. He will overcome any obstacle that confronts him, and he'll do it with dignity, strength, compassion, and humility. Our sincere thanks again to you and your loved ones for your service.

Jan 2, 2010 8:21 PM H1B==TREASON H1B==TREASON  says: in response to Don Tennant

Thanks Don for your words ... and for your considerations.  I read somewhere here that one of your children is in the Marines(?).  As he/she will probably relate:  Its the greatest adventure of their life.  It builds character, team-work attitude, ideal of duty and self-sacrifice, and a love of our great nation - to scratch the surface.  When they move on later in life, they may be taken aback it anyone 'thanks' them for their service.  Their immediate thought will be: It was my pleasure.

However ... if they are in IT/EE ... and get replaced by an smirky foreigner who hasnt the spine of a worm ... nor any of our ideals ... you will find a war-hardened vet looking for a fight ... and we are ready to fight.

Check out the above web page.   Its a long story ...


God Bless America ...

Jan 2, 2010 8:50 PM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Blue

His story WAS published here at IT Business Edge, not through the prism of the understanding of some journalist, but in his own words. That, to me, is the value of raising the discussion in the first place. I'm very gratified that my blog posts on this topic have provided a forum for those who have experienced the damage of H-1B visa abuse to document their cases. They have very important stories to tell. That's why I've chosen to focus my attention on the damage being done by people who take a caustic, mean-spirited, reckless, personal-attack approach to addressing the issue. Until that nonsense stops, the reasoned voice for legitimate H-1B reform will be unheard because it will be muffled by the deafening rants of a lunatic fringe.

Jan 3, 2010 9:27 AM H1B=Treason H1B=Treason  says: in response to Don Tennant

I congratulate you and your son for outstanding successes. I surely hope your son - in 20 years, doesn't meet the demise of millions of his fellow Americans. But, i fear he will ...as Compete America holds all the cards.

Please ask your son, how he would feel, if he and ALL of his American colleagues were replaced by Chinese and Indians with no experience. Furthermore - in this 'scenario', he has applied to 100's of companies, and has been passed up because of his American citizenship. Every interview he has had, consisted of trying to understand foreigners with serious accent and grammar problems. In every interview, seven out of eight people were either Chinese or Indian ...and several laughed in his face (we are talking about BIG semiconductor companies here). 

What would your son think - knowing that these companies are clamoring for congress to raise the H-1B cap to 195,000/year PLUS 200,000 Green-cards PLUS raising the max foreign employee rate to 75% of staff? Would he think:Great - I suck - they are superior? My master's degrees is mud - because, you know, I'm American. My service to this country means squat, because, you know - the hiring manager is rooting for Mumbai for Shanghai?

BTW, although I may sound as such, please dont write me off as a lunatic racist. I have, in my 'time-off' spent quite a lot of time helping my Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and 'Other' friends find jobs (ie, sending them contacts of companies who ignored me). (I dont care what citizenship/race they have - they are all victims of Corporate greed and apathy) I was instrumental in the actual hiring of several foreigners at my former company - in the spirit of the true intent of H-1B ...to hire when every attempt has failed to find a qualified or trainable American. That is, I had to do ALL the work years, before we could find anyone willing to hire into such a job. As well, i spent my Navy off-duty time overseas on goodwill missions in about 20 countries - while my shipmates went out partying.

All this lunatic ranting really means nothing, until we prove the prevalence of the abuse. But, go to myvisajobs.com, look up Texas Instruments. Look at their salaries from 2001-2008.(70,327 - 84,123)=(85729 - 84,123 Inflation adjusted).Their salaries have FALLEN in 9 years. However, TI had a loss in 2001, and a 1.92 BILLION PROFIT in 2008. In that period, TI has laid off about 9450 (americans?) and applied for almost 3000 'temp' worker visas.(not counting the 1000's of jobs 'created' overseas). I say 'temp' because TI admits that they apply for Green-Cards for EVERY H-1B as soon as they hire them. The DOL calls it a 'brazen' but does nothing about it. .

Lets all give our support to Senators Durban and Grassley - true American Patriots!



€œThe H-1B visa program should complement the U.S.workforce, not replace it,€Durbin said. €œCongress created the H-1B visa program so an employer could hire a foreign guest-worker when a qualified American worker could not be found.However, the H-1B visa program is plagued with fraud and abuse and is now a vehicle for outsourcing that deprives qualified American workers of their jobs.  Reply

Jan 3, 2010 9:27 AM H1B=Treason H1B=Treason  says: in response to Don Tennant
Our bill will put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs and discrimination against American workers.€

And I stand by my statement:Anyone who replaces an American with an equally or less qualified foreigner, is nothing less than a traitor. It doesnt matter if its 1 or 1 million, the effect is the same: American loses his job, his honor, his pride, his trust in America - and maybe his home and family. Foreigner gains strategically critical knowledge and (at least a few of them), returns to home country to apply that knowledge directly against America. The demise of American Semiconductor Fabs is proof.

America youth see the rampant betrayal - and the result is obvious: Our engineering graduate schools are packed with foreigners, and the rare die-hard American. America is in deep deep trouble - and pouring more H-1B on the problem is not going to solve anything (unless you ask Compete America ).

If any H-1B foreigner served in our armed forced 3 years, and passed a curriculum on US History/values/laws, and pledged to at least abide by those values/laws ...I would welcome them with arms open - even if I lost my job to them.


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