iPhone Apologists Unite: Dysfunctional, Thin-skinned Apple Needs You

Don Tennant

It's too bad that being an Apple apologist is a hobby rather than a job description. The way things are going, if making excuses for the iPhone's flaws and Apple's misconduct was a paid profession, there would be enough work available to bring the unemployment rate down to zero.


The most recent case of outrageous iPhone-related misconduct from One Infinite Loop took place earlier this week, when Apple had a fit over an iPhone spoof that Ellen DeGeneres did on her syndicated TV show. The comedienne had the gall to joke about the ease-of-use of the iPhone in a mock commercial for the product, which put her in the crosshairs of Apple's heavy-handed corporate spin machine. DeGeneres was compelled to make an on-air apology for her transgression, in which she maintained her comedic presence, but still engaged in the type of groveling that Apple tends to demand:

I just want to say that I'm sorry if I made it look like the iPhone is hard to use. It's not hard to use. I have an iPhone, [spouse] Portia [de Rossi] has an iPhone, I just learned how to text on an iPhone, it's the only phone that I can text on. And I love it.

I have no idea what transpired between Apple and DeGeneres that yielded such an effusive suck-up, but it must have been pretty intimidating. The spoof was, more than anything, a self-deprecating piece in which she poked fun at her own kludginess: "My fingers are so much thicker than I remembered," she mused. But the embarrassingly thin-skinned Apple took offense nonetheless.


It's not that Apple is humorless. It's just that for some reason, it simply can't stand being the brunt of the humor. The Register nailed it with this observation:

For years, Apple has ruthlessly ridiculed Windows users with its Get a Mac ads -- but like many a schoolyard bully, Cupertino can dish it out, but it can't take it.

It's unclear why that's the case, but a person who can't laugh at himself is dysfunctional, and the same holds true for a company. You Apple apologists better get cracking. You have your work cut out for you to defend the object of your adoration for this one.

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May 10, 2010 6:13 PM yoyome yoyome  says: in response to Drunken Economist

Don't worry next couple weeks he will pop up again with new H-1B topics. I think Mr. Tofu is kind of sad right now because nobody cares about his posts as you can see not much comments at all. Last week his buddy H-1B "Faisal Shahzad" headed to jail. This week he is trying to attack IPhone and I am very sure this guy is the Zune and Android buddies. Apple developed by Americans, Zune and Android developed by his beloved H-1B buddies. No wonder he keeps whining on IPhone...

Bye bye Mr. Tofu Brain...

May 10, 2010 6:54 PM Drunken Economist Drunken Economist  says:

Wow, Mumbai Don really doesn't have any real news this week.

No furthering of the H1B/offshore agenda? Losin' yer touch, Donnie.Boy...

Mar 30, 2011 5:10 PM glennda mirabete glennda mirabete  says:

Apple is that bad? Come to think of it, Apple brands is the talk of the town here in Philippines, I don't know about the others but in my area, everyone would love to have Apple brands, See that? they don't really know about Apple, all they knew is that it's famous because of its ads. Lucky me I read this post.


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