Infosys Warns Shareholders After DHS Finds Rampant Non-Compliance

Don Tennant

In its most recent quarterly filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Infosys was compelled to inform its shareholders that the Department of Homeland Security had discovered errors in a "significant percentage" of the government forms it is required to fill out to verify the employment eligibility of its thousands of employees in the United States.


DHS made the discovery of the rampant non-compliance as part of the U.S. government's criminal investigation of Infosys being conducted in cooperation with Infosys employee and whistleblower Jay Palmer. Infosys warned that it couldn't estimate the potential loss that might result from the non-compliance, bad news for shareholders that they wouldn't be hearing if Infosys had only taken action to rectify the illegal activity that Palmer and a second whistleblower brought to the company's attention 18 months ago.


The form in question is the I-9, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services form that employers are required to fill out for every employee, citizen and non-citizen alike, to verify that the employee is eligible to work in the United States. In its Form 6-K for the quarter ending March 31, 2012, Infosys repeated the warning it provided to shareholders in its 6-K for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2011, regarding the U.S. government's ongoing criminal probe (see my post, "Infosys Warns of Adverse Consequences of Feds' Criminal Investigation"). This time, it was in the unfortunate position of having to spell out some of what the feds found:

In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ("DHS" or the "Department") is undertaking a review of our employer eligibility verifications on Form I-9 with respect to our employees working in the United States. In connection with this review, we have been advised that the DHS has found errors in a significant percentage of our Forms I-9 that the Department has reviewed. In the event that the DHS ultimately concludes that our Forms I-9 contained errors, the Department would likely impose fines and penalties on us. At this time, we cannot predict the final outcome of the review by, or the discussions with, the DHS or other governmental authority regarding the review of our Forms I-9.


In light of the fact that, among other things, the foregoing investigation and review are ongoing and we remain in discussions with the U.S. Attorney's Office regarding these matters, we are unable to make an estimate of the amount or range of loss that we could incur from unfavorable outcomes in such matters.


In the event that any government undertakes any actions which limit any visa program that we utilize, or imposes sanctions, fines or penalties on us or our employees, this could materially and adversely affect our business and results of operations.

What must make this pill especially hard for Infosys' employees, customers and shareholders to swallow is that Palmer and Linda Manning, the second whistleblower who worked in Infosys' human resources department, since 2010 have repeatedly warned the company about the rampant I-9 violations. Palmer even raised the issue last July in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security (see my post, "Infosys Whistleblower Provides Hard-hitting Testimony to Senate Hearing").


But it was to no avail. As you may recall, in response to Palmer's damning testimony, Infosys Chief Marketing Officer Paul Gottsegen issued a statement dismissing Palmer's testimony as being "full of inaccuracies, exaggerations and falsehoods," and snidely accusing Palmer of being "obviously intent on spreading his falsehoods about Infosys and our business practices as broadly as possible in order to advance his objective of getting as big of a payout as he can from the Company." As the DHS and other government agencies continue the process of methodically verifying every statement Palmer made in his testimony and in his lawsuit against Infosys, one can only imagine how Gottsegen must be struggling to devise a face-saving means of backtracking on his ill-advised strategy to brand Palmer as a liar.


Manning, meanwhile, was sitting in the middle of the I-9 firestorm as an Infosys human resources associate who had years of experience in immigration matters. As I reported in my Aug. 3 post, "Second Infosys Whistleblower Documented 'Illegal' Activity, Pleaded for Action," Manning spelled out the I-9 violations in explicit detail:

When I started working for Infosys in April 2008 I was immediately aware that there were problems with I-9 compliance. When I continued to bring up the issue to my manager I was told "don't worry, this is the responsibility of the Immigration department" (which takes direction out of India) and "what we don't know won't hurt us." If ICE were to come into the [Infosys] Plano [Texas] office and actually view the I-9 forms and also the electronic storage system, the fines for incorrectly completed forms and forms with incorrect documentation would be astronomical. Should ICE or the USCIS conduct an audit at any of the Infosys offices or arrive at our client sites across the US -- the question will be to the employee -- Did the person who signed your I-9 form actually see your documents? In many cases the answer will be no.

I spoke about all this on Saturday with Palmer's attorney, Kenny Mendelsohn, who expressed the view that the development is only going to fortify any action the SEC may be inclined to take against Infosys:

I still think Infosys has some serious, serious SEC problems, because that's something they should have disclosed months and months ago. This is all unfolding just like we said it would. They should have disclosed this to their stockholders, and now the stock has plummeted. They knew they had these I-9 problems a year and a half ago, and they're just now reporting it to their stockholders. This is something Jay Palmer has been talking about for a long time. They haven't been keeping their stockholders apprised of the seriousness of the violations-the I-9s, the B-1s, the H-1Bs-none of that has been fully disclosed.

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Apr 23, 2012 8:17 AM Mike S Mike S  says:

Here is a good article I read on failure to comply with I-9.


Apr 23, 2012 8:27 AM Mike S Mike S  says: in response to Mike S

This is the link for the story.


Apr 23, 2012 2:00 PM Infosysemployee Infosysemployee  says: in response to SealTeam6 SealTeam6

I seriously feel that nothing will ever change

About the Law suit,Well there is a lot of Self interest involved for both American corporations and Indian ones

So this issue will not be seriously investigated

Indian Finance minister Pranab mukerjhee is visiting US delegation , i am sure he will lobby for Opening up VISA Policies and keeping this infosys issue under the rug

And US will bet 50 Percent Access to INDIAN retail market as part of Deal that will be Made

India is even willing to Sell its public  AIR line industry

Already ATLAS airways and -United Airlines are Bidding for Entering into Indian Air ways market

You see my Friend---India is a home for Worlds largest Thorium REsources, not just that Bauxite,Manganese,Lithium

Lithium is extensively found in India and its useful for semi conductor industry

India doesnt have any Manufacturing units not it had skilled workforce

India is a puppet state

So American corporations will milk India till it becomes Dry and they will leave it

People are even Greedy in India , there is no  sense of Responsibility

"Who on earth Will Allow 700 Million People to Defecate openly"--Which Country or Which society will tolerate such filth?

Even African countries dont tolerate such filth --But indians embraced this attitude and loved it

Well India is celebrating its 15 Minutes Fame--There are many millionaires and Billionaires in this 15 Minute Fame party

And mark my words--This party will not last forever

And when it ends --There will be blood on Streets

No matter how many Jobs were given to indians --India as a whole is not a matured nation

Its enjoying its short 15 minutes fame

Seems Chinese have some Discipline--They dont boast about Values or Culture openly

They know their Lives which are full of -vacuum

Shortly Said my friend

"Indian democracy is of the entertainment, by the entertainment and for the entertainment."

And you know why many indians commit Fraud?

Almost every one today were in a mad RACE to become Some Mythical Superpower

Just search in Google about INDIA's Superpower status

There are millions of forums Videos and Documentaries made by indians themselves Claiming that they are superpower

Indians are always patting themselves on back

As  For infosys i am sure that this matter will be hidden under the Rug, if infosys gets punished , they might escape with small penalties

Apr 23, 2012 5:17 PM SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6  says:

Will be interesting to see if there are a spate of resignations in the near future by senior executives seeking to distance themselves from this growing mess.

Apr 23, 2012 6:15 PM Truth Truth  says:

Infosys is going down. The Management crooks of Infosys will quietly dump their shares the same way that the crooks of Satyam Computes did. After all, most of the money is of foreigners! So...quietly dump 'em and make money. India as a nation is rapidly heading down the tube coz. of crooks and corruption.

America should stop all these Work Visas for good.  Here's why:


It is way beyond time for American citizens to get back their jobs.  If the Obama Administration does not act, it will spell doom for our Middle Class and will end in Violence on our streets. Crime is already way up in many cities as our youngsters cannot find work. It should not be forgotten that the debt on Student Loans is now over a Trillion Dollars. America is now in big trouble and Obama & Congress need to act urgently and fix our economy.  We need to take care of OUR CITIZENS first!

Apr 23, 2012 6:18 PM Infosys Employee-Frustrated Infosys Employee-Frustrated  says: in response to SealTeam6 SealTeam6

Senior Board members are leaving infosys , lately after dismal quarterly results 5 board members have taken sabbatical and many middle level managers have resigned

What Don or palmer doesnt know is a Great FRAUD committed by infosys since 2001

Former infosys CEO Nandan nilkaneni who is currently employed by Indian Government was Directing Tax payers money to Infosys Stock,In short he is doing insider trading

Most of the clients have not renewed their contracts and are leaving infosys

Few clients have directed their projects to another service provider CTS.(cognizant)

All the quarterly profits that infosys is showing so far are Tax payers money..directed from Indian Govt Coffers into infosys Accounting books

Nandan nilkenani was currently working as Head of AADHAR project funded by Government of indian with Taxpayers money

The project was meant to deliver an Unique ID for ever indian citizen

But so far no Prelimnary work has been started so far and Not even 10 people are working in  a momumental project which will record Details of over 1.2 billion people in india

Whole Project is a sham, and the money directed towards that project was funneled into Infosys Corporate HQ

Infosys have neither Big clients, nor it had any new acquisitions in stream line

Lately infosys has announced that there will no salary Hike for employees who fall under 6 year experience Bench mark

Attrition level in company is 28-30%.

for Financial year 2012-2013 ..Infosys is planning to Hire 45000 People as fresh employees and 8000 as lateral employees

--To cut this long drivel short

So far over 54000 employees left infosys--Some were fired, were forced to resign

Many were disgruntled but have no choice.

Top level management was   reeling under lot of pressure from Employee complaints

---Just for your info

The online complaints regarding Sexual allegations directed towards Managers have risen 56%

which means over 28000   Female employees have quit infosys because they were asked to do sexual favors by their managerial board

This just shows the level of decadence and arrogance of infosys managerial board

Frankly speaking this issue is not just pertained to infosys, i can concur that all Indian companies abuse their employees , exploit them--Promote Fraud practises and are higly hippocratic in thier stance

So infosys is just a tip of iceberg--If you unearth entire Infosys charade you will find many fraudulent practises committed by infosys since 2000

Infosys thrived and made profits from Fraud,Land acquisitions, subsidies for SEZ in India,Exploting its work force and sexually harassing its female employees by keeping CCTV cameras in Female Toilets (YES, every Female Toilet in infosys has CCTV cameras)

There is nothing you can change

Infosys may go through some tough time, but it will not change its practises as the company itself was built of Dead bodies of 5000 farmers

Yes( infosys mysore was previously a farm land and Narayanmurthy with political cohorts annexed the land)--Police rioting killed 400 Farmers

All farmers were driven away some committed suicide and some wives entered into prostitution

Infosys lived all through its life with Lie, Fraud, murder,Land annexation

I dont hope any change soon


Yours disgruntled Infosys employee


Apr 23, 2012 7:49 PM SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6  says: in response to Infosys Employee-Frustrated

Am sure documents detailing these internal machinations of Infosys would make for interesting reading by the public and law enforcement.

Apr 24, 2012 10:08 AM Pragmatist Pragmatist  says:

Don, while the business practices of Infosys and other outsourcers may not be right, we must ask who the ultimate beneficiaries are. Here is a line of thought:

1) Corporations exist to maximize returns for their shareholders.

2) Many large corporations are owned by mutual funds and other institutional clients including pension funds.

3) These owners rarely care about business practices of the companies they own as long as they get their "returns".

4) Pension funds ultimately benefit the man on Main Street, while filling the pockets of their managers.

5) Infosys and other outsourcers lower the costs of Fortune 500 companies by providing cheap labor and improve their profits, in turn increasing the returns of their shareholders.

6) Fortune 500 companies are the biggest donors to political campaigns.

Long story - but it is hard to see the visa manipulations going away, as they benefit too many important people.

Apr 24, 2012 2:53 PM Dolores Dolores  says: in response to Pragmatist

This list is so wrong it's not even wrong. Where to begin?

1. If the sole purpose of a corporation is to maximixe returns for shareholders, why do we have ANY limits on what they are allowed to do? Boiling us all down for tallow would probably get the shareholders a few bucks. But we do have limits.

2. Pension funds have cratered, been trimmed, and are being redefined so that pension holders are getting less. Many people are not even in line for pensions. So where are the profits goings? In many cases not to the pension recipients.

3. Besides, if I was collecting a pension that depended upon deliberately impoverishing my children, what kind of a deal would that be?

4. Nobody on Main Street in their right mind would defend the ruination of America just so that he could collect a slightly bigger pension for a few years. Look what this says about the opinion of Indians and their supporters about the character of Americans.

5. The purpose of the guestworker visas was never supposed to be the replacement and pauperization of the American workers. That is an invalid use of the visas from day one.

6. This is the only assertion that may be correct, about Fortune 500 companies donating to political campains, and it is something we need to fix.

The benefit of a corrupted societal situation for a few oligarchs - that pretty much describes life in India for millenia.

And my fellow Americans, aren't you tired of Indians and their supporters lecturing us as if we were grade school kids? We need to ignore these folks and save our country.

Apr 24, 2012 3:42 PM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to Infosys Employee-Frustrated

Infosys must have $crewed you really well that you have taken so much effort to cook up all these numbers, all these stories and put such a long post. Hats off to you :LOL

45000 hiring - CEO says 33000.

Lately infosys has announced that there will no salary Hike for employees who fall under 6 year experience Bench mark - its no salary hike full stop.

Attrition level in company is 28-30%. Their quarterly report from the website says some 15 or 16%.

The list can go on. Good example of what people say 85% of the stats are made on the spot or was it 82.37%.

Infosys Mysore - farm land ..400 dead bodies..this was the real killer of the lot. Did you have a brain fart ?? :ROFL

So thanks for entertaining us with inaccuracies and misinformation. Now move on and get to back to your work.

Apr 24, 2012 4:00 PM SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6  says: in response to kiprn

Actually you should read this Wired magazine article from a few years ago about what actually happens when a tech company wants to acquire real estate in Bangalore...


Quite an education.

Apr 24, 2012 4:04 PM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to Rohit

Good service providers...how does it matter..Because of offshoring, American employees are having fewer opportunities and in many cases, as it has been mentioned before, some of these job postings do even reach them. So irrespective of which company it is, rules apply the same to all. Infosys should only be treated as the starting point of the Fed Investigations and not just to set an example.

Any other company which has high H1B/B1 worker presence should also be investigated. For ex:TCS commited another kind of fraud by forcing the employees to sign off their tax benefit for which lawsuit is ongoing. So if Fed investigates properly, many such frauds will come out.

Yes, offshoring has helped American corporations. But that does not mean these companies can break the law of the land. Problem with fining just Infosys is that other frauds will just get covered up and this fraud may continue in another form.

I am thinking that more than the B1 visa misuse, the fine for I-9 forms is going to be much more. The number of B1 workers compared to H1B workers is very less. So probably Feds are targeting their investigations in right directions.

Infosys is sitting on some $4B cash reserve. So Fed should hopefully have  good numbers to match to eat from this pie

Apr 24, 2012 4:19 PM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to SealTeam6 SealTeam6

This is not only the case with tech companies, but with most companies in India in any sector. Google for 'Tata Singur' which was a much publicized event with good media coverage involving Tata Group. Atleast in this case, people were able to get their land back. But in most cases, the story goes unheard.

BTW, Muthappa Rai is a known underworld don in Southern India as well as in Mumbai. No wonder people fear him. In most of the large cities in India, underworld mafia has good presence in real estate business. Any builder worth his money will have one or the other mafia backing, without whom they cannot function. Calling them power brokers is completely wrong. They are just plain mafia.

Apr 24, 2012 4:34 PM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to Don Tennant

That's the reason why I keep coming back to Don's blog. Sometimes his views may be completely biased and in extreme cases unrelated , but his intentions are pretty clear.

Even if Palmer's case does not see satisfactory ending, I think it has already made its presence felt. For that alone, its worth the praise, a good hope for future whistle blowers and a good lesson for companies engaging in malpractices & thinking they are above the law.

Apr 24, 2012 5:57 PM Truth Truth  says:

Bye Bye to the Infosys Crooks


Apr 24, 2012 6:22 PM Rohit Rohit  says: in response to Infosys Employee-Frustrated

You are not alone. There are many Indians like you who had hellish experience at Infosys, including myself. I want to see Infosys getting severely punished but since I work on H1B I cannot go against the Indian IT community no matter how much I detest it. But for the Americans this is the time to wake up. If you allow Infosys to run away scott free after finding this mega million dollar VISA scam then I am sure 10 more such companies will be born to exploit the remaining America. So please dont set a wrong example by letting Infosys go scott free. It all depends on Obama and his administration as to what action they take against this cheat fraud thug company Infosys, which unfortunately happens to be India's pride. NRN and Nandan boasted of themselves as if they are very ethical and honest middle class ordinary Indian citizens but NO. They are equally good at scams and scandals just as the majority of Indian politicans are.

Apr 24, 2012 6:27 PM Rohit Rohit  says: in response to Pragmatist

Your logic may be true but outsourcing can still continue with many other good service providers (IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, HCL, TCS etc). But to let go Infosys after finding the truth is stupidity. If Infosys is allowed to move off by paying a small fine then you will see more such B1 Visa scams from other players thinking that even they can get away if caught. Outsourcing is done to make US corporations feel better by concentrating on bigger things. But that does not mean outsourcing should promote the likes of Infosys or Satyam kind of scandalous corporations.

Apr 24, 2012 6:31 PM Richard Richard  says:

Congrats Don...Your hopes that Infosys will die a slow and sure death is coming true. Now people wont call your blogs regular rants. And where is that Mr.Hoapres...He always writes - Nothing will change. Ask him to come and see how much has Infosys started feeling the pinch already; much before Aug 25- the trial day.

Apr 24, 2012 7:02 PM K K  says:

Interesting to see that the usual trolls are missing from the comments section.  The seemingly certified astroturf strategy "where is the proof, Don?" or "Only Don is saying so" would obviously not wash any longer, and I'm commending their intelligence for recognizing that !  Await round #2.

Apr 24, 2012 7:06 PM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Richard

Just to be clear, I have absolutely no hopes that Infosys will "die a slow and sure death." My hope is that justice prevails for the workers from India who are the victims of what can only be described as human trafficking, for American workers who have suffered from the rampant violation of U.S. immigration laws, and for Jay Palmer, who had the courage to come forward with all of this when no one else would.

Apr 24, 2012 7:42 PM Richard Richard  says: in response to Don Tennant

True Don, you summed it all correctly.

Apr 24, 2012 7:54 PM Infosys Stalker Infosys Stalker  says:

Infosys stock was hammered on the Indian bourses yesterday losing 4% of value. The story is no different today .... down 2.5% and falling ......

IBM, Accenture, Cap Gemini and TCS will surely walk away with Infosys clients and deals in the near future .... in the long term, Infosys might recover provided there is a shake up (encompassing both people and processes). Given the conservative credentials of the co, that seems unlikely though.

Apr 27, 2012 9:34 AM MNY MNY  says: in response to kiprn

So while Infosys trial date is set for Aug 25, 2 months before the presidential elections, at the same time India's minister Pranab Mukherjee is in the US these days to save Infosys by offering trade deals to US companies. So what are the odds against Infosys ?

If politicians want their seats in November they have to punish Infosys in August. If not, they lose due to public anger (I hope Infosys issue takes a pan american mood by then ; the spark has just started spreading fire)

If Pranab is able to rescue Infosys by August then the whole effort of Jay palmer and many american citizens will go waste.

People please let me know what you feel.

Apr 27, 2012 6:09 PM noillegals noillegals  says: in response to kiprn

Justices Not Buying Administration's Immigration Enforcement Supremacy Bid


Apr 28, 2012 2:17 PM Pro Pro  says: in response to Don Tennant

Don, does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act apply to any company registered in US stock exchanges or any private company registered in US?

Apr 29, 2012 9:16 AM Don Tennant Don Tennant  says: in response to Pro

My understanding is that the FCPA applies only to U.S. firms, regardless of whether the firm is registered on a U.S. stock exchange. It addresses the matter of U.S. firms paying bribes to do business in foreign countries (like what Wal-Mart is accused of doing in Mexico).


Apr 30, 2012 8:21 AM mvs mvs  says: in response to Rohit

I would not call these companies good becuase many of them I know of did similar B1 use for their employees as well. Many of these companies used an easy way out of using B1 visas without waiting for the due process of H1B. Once Infosys gets the punishment, I hope other companies also get the same

Apr 30, 2012 8:48 AM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to MNY

I think you should have atleast a little faith in judicial system of any country...both countries have too much to loose if the judgement goes eitherways...US laws targeting specific companies in not in spirit of free trade. That is what is being taken to WTO. At the same time, Indian companies working around the visa loop holes or misusing it is no better either. Dont think, there will be any result in August. Its just the start of the trial. If you are expecting a make or break decision to be made in August or even before the general elections, you will be disappointed.

Both the parties have carefully chosen not to hype this matter and that says a lot about the political will to prosecute this case. Will Pranab Mukharjee, India's Finance minister, will be able to save Infosys or not - will be a debatable topic, if not a laughable one? If India had so much say in US policy making, then would not have been in such a state.

So lets wait till the decision is out. My gut feel is that Infosys will be fined about not following rules in specific cases and not having the documents in order. But I don't think, they will be held liable for having policies to work around visa loop holes. I think Fed investigation around I-9 documentation throws some light on why Feds are taking a different path into the investigation. But I may stand corrected. Only time will tell.

Apr 30, 2012 8:53 AM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to noillegals

@noillegals, the less we talk about Arizona policy making and policy makers, the better it is for everybody. They are setting extremely bad precedent all round. Even though, their Immigration laws may be had good intention, it has racial profiling written all over it. Have you folks read about their recent law passed on anti-abortion, which even defies science?

Apr 30, 2012 3:38 PM legal immigrant legal immigrant  says: in response to kiprn

The only "racists" are those who find racism in everything. Please show us a single line in the Arizona SB1070 law where "it has racial profiling written all over it"??? Yes, I dare you to show a single reference to race. If you can't, then we very well know who the real racists are.

Apr 30, 2012 6:03 PM jake_leone jake_leone  says: in response to Don Tennant

You might have seen this poster, it highlights several India based companies doing business in the Silicon Valley.  It was a typical cartoon ad poster, where streets are shown in cartoon, with various companies "InfoSys", "Tata"....

Anyway the caption read "Breaking the back of Silicon Valley."

It highlights the immature attitude that people can have about working with a culture that is different from their own.  That immature attitude often takes view that it isn't good enough to succeed, the others must fall. 

Working is not a game, it can be a survival call.  Taunting people, or wishing they had their "Backs Broken", is not the way to go.

I agree with Don on this, I am not out to see InfoSys gone.

If they go bankrupt by natural causes, I won't shed a tear, but I am not out to eliminate them through governmental action.

But I think it is fundamentally wrong, that they are using Visas to fill common IT positions in this country.  This weakens our country, destroys the job market, and IS CAUSING a dependence that will only grow and weaken our nations ability to compete.

IT companies are making fortunes, as I said earlier, even Yahoo makes 90k profit per employee, yet is laying off 2,000 people. 

Do you get it yet? Do you see the pattern?

CEO's are addicted to profit.  Their 10-100 million dollar bonuses are dependent not on how competitive their company is, but by how profitable their company is.

If people leave the U.S., to create competitive businesses, that will drive hiring.  Because the CEO's will be forced to create a better product to compete with the foreign competitor. 

What would Detroit cars look like without foreign competition?  What would Oracle's offering be without SAP? 

And a lot of americans are employed by Toyota, Hyundai, even SAP.

There's nothing wrong with foreign competition, so long as those companies are willing to hire fairly on U.S. soil.  The problem with the U.S. isn't its workers, it's with CEO's who demand excessive profits, in order to justify huge payouts to themselves and their cronies.

I realized this back in the 80's, when a mine owner told his workers, hey I could just sell this mine and go invest in Wall Street.  Who works harder than a miner?  Practically no one, it a dangerous job, it damages your health, the pay to move dirt, is dirt.  And yet this spoiled brat mine owner, has the nerve to tell his workers that installing better safety equipment is less important than preserving profit margins.

That same lame view point of profit obsession, to the exclusion of all else, is what is causing our companies to get weak. It is the source of that weakness is coming from the top at all companies. 

Get the CEO's to compete, and you will see better product, more jobs, and less profit hoarding.  Even Yahoo is stashing away 1 billion a year, in profit.  Apple is storing away 50 billion a year.  We need to repatriate the trillions that are out there, in order to get our stalled economy moving like it should be.

May 2, 2012 9:31 AM endrun endrun  says:

Has Infosys's dream run ended ?

Asks this LiveMint article


May 2, 2012 9:40 AM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to legal immigrant

Ignorance is bliss. That's what I can say about your understanding of the law and how it will be implemented in practice. There has been enough said in that last 2 years by the American people itself. So I do not need to put in anything new to this. If you don't know about it, then please google it.

May 2, 2012 2:57 PM legal immigrant legal immigrant  says: in response to kiprn

Again, I ask you to show us a single line in the Arizona SB1070 law where "it has racial profiling written all over it" as you have claimed.

Yes, you claimed it. So now can you show it or not? Until that happens, you just proved to be a liar. Be a man and back up your claims or else we know exactly who the "racists" are

May 3, 2012 8:46 AM kiprn kiprn  says: in response to legal immigrant

First under what does "written all over it" means. Do not take it's literal translation :LOL

And before calling somebody liar, you should have done your research. As I said before ignore is bliss. But one cannot really help dumb people in such things. There are 1000's of links which I can post which have done the analysis of how this law will lead to increased racial profiling. These are done by research scholars. I have not even considered using any news website links which are far more sharper in their opinion. So suggest you to take time to read these and many more related articles, understand why people are saying so.







BTW, "be a man" - reminded me of Russel Peters :LOL. Again, you might have not heard of him. So google or in this case, you can search in youtube


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