Another Reason Why We Need More Women Making the Decisions

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I've written a lot over the years about the disproportionately low number of women in executive positions, and the negative impact that condition has on business. Here's another reason why we need more women making the decisions: We wouldn't be wasting so much time and money on in-person meetings.


According to a survey of more than 2,600 Americans conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of TeamViewer, a German online meeting software provider, women are more likely than men are to see the benefits of taking their meetings online, and are more demanding about the experience. Specifically, women are more likely than men to take the position that:


  • They could save money in transportation costs (78 percent vs. 71 percent)
  • You don't have to waste time traveling to meetings (77 percent vs. 71 percent)
  • Online meetings are less nerve-racking (37 percent vs. 26 percent)
  • People are less distracted (22 percent vs. 16 percent)


When asked about the characteristics most important for an online meeting host to have, women proved much more demanding than men in almost every category, including:


  • Organization (81 percent vs. 68 percent)
  • Being fast-paced (64 percent vs. 52 percent)
  • Respectfulness (60 percent vs. 50 percent)
  • Fairness (57 percent vs. 51 percent)
  • Decisiveness (40 percent vs. 34 percent)
  • Cleverness (17 percent vs. 12 percent)


Fair warning to anyone who ventures to host an online meeting: Women are also more demanding than men are about the demeanor and appearance of the host. Fifteen percent of women said hosts of online meetings should be passionate, and 5 percent said the hosts should be attractive. I guess the message for unattractive people is to stick to hosting conference calls.

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Apr 19, 2012 8:42 AM SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6 SealTeam6  says:

Unfortunately women are not faring too well even in the general workforce positions, let alone executive positions:

Where have all the women's jobs gone?

The "mancession" has morphed into the "hecovery," leaving women workers largely in the dust. The share of adult women who are employed is lower than it was two years ago, while men have seen an upturn.


Unless this situation is corrected, I see only further decline of women in executive level positions in the US in the coming years.

Apr 19, 2012 10:54 AM George Alexander George Alexander  says: in response to SealTeam6 SealTeam6

I read that news piece too and I've always been skeptical of these reports when they don't reveal the methodology followed or do an apples to apples comparision to come to their conclusions.

Was it just counting numbers? Or totalling up the salaries of men and woman and finding who makes more? Did they find out why people made the decisions they made? For eg, one of my cousins and my sister in law quit her job two years ago after the birth of their child. The sister-in-law just started a new job now that the kid is 2 years old. Another friend quit her job for another one that requires less hours causing her income to be lower than she earned before. While another family relocated for college and took a 20 hour/week part time job. An old lady from my church quit a day care job and now only delivers newspapers in the morning.

The "Why" part is very important if they want to come to the right conclusions. A report like that wouldn't reveal such information. Unless the methodology is revealed and the totals are of similar categories, we won't get an apples to apples comparision. We can't just assume that they are not employed because they can't find a job. Maybe they aren't looking to begin with like some people I know.

Another simple observation - what people say and do are sometimes very different. Surveys included.

And now the media has created new words to throw around - "mancession" and "hecovery"

Apr 23, 2012 6:10 PM Wakjob Wakjob  says:

"Do not allow your women to rule you"

-- Cicero

I believe it was Vladimir Lenin who said "Get the women out of the homes".

The attacks on the foundation of society - the family - continue.


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