Malware Found in Android Apps

Sue Marquette Poremba
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I can't say I was surprised when I saw the news today that Google had to remove apps from the Android Market because of malware. At RSA a few weeks ago, plenty of people I spoke with had concerns about it being just a matter of time until malware-loaded apps began to show up in the different app stores and marketplaces. That it was Google that first made news with infected apps wasn't a surprise, either, as Android has had its share of problems.


In this case, the malware in question is DroidDream and the apps with the malware were released by developers "Kingmall2010," "we20090202,? and "Myournet," according to Lookout Mobile Security's blog. According to the blog:

Lompolo, a user on the popular news aggregation site Reddit, discovered the first instances of this malware after noticing that the developer of one of the malicious applications had posted pirated versions of legitimate apps under the developer name "Myournet."
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Lompolo analyzed two suspicious applications and found that they contain exploit code that can break out of Android's application security sandbox. A blogger at Android Police took a closer look at the malicious applications and verified that they do indeed contain exploit code that can root a user's device as well code that can send sensitive information (IMEI and IMSI) from the phone to a remote server. Android Police also found that there is another APK hidden inside the code, which can steal additional sensitive data.

The malware was found in apps that I would hope aren't downloaded on a work-related phone (Lookout has a list of the infected apps, if you are curious), but there are some that could very well be useful on the business front or are the type of apps that are recommended as a download, like a scientific calculator, a task killer, barcode scanner or photo editor.

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Mar 3, 2011 1:28 PM Cal G Cal G  says:

The email sent out was titled "Android Market Plagued with Malware".  That's not quite the same thing as your article title "Malware Found in Android Apps"

Please pass the message back to the people that send out the emails that sensationalist and untrue subject lines are not required.  Interesting and factual articles are a better marketing strategy.


Mar 3, 2011 2:02 PM Andrew Swinn Andrew Swinn  says:

I was curious about the same thing. The title was sesationalist and warranted a visit on my part to see if the 'plague' was correct.

While having some rogue apps out there is disappointing news it is sure not a plague.

+1 on the call to whoever formats the newsletter to not spew forth rubbish. It has been one of many that has resulted in some distrust in your content of late.

Mar 4, 2011 7:04 PM Kachina Shaw Kachina Shaw  says:

Thank you for your feedback. The verb "to plague" has two definitions, one of which indicates an infestation or smiting, the second of which indicates a burdening or hampering, a disturbance or annoyance that is persistent.

The Android Market is most definitely currently disturbed and annoyed with, or plagued by, the presence of malware. I can see how the subject line could be read in two ways, but it is in line with the facts of the article.

Keep reading and giving feedback, as it helps us provide you with the content that supports your professional goals.

Kachina Shaw

Editor in Chief

Mar 5, 2011 5:16 PM Cal G Cal G  says: in response to Kachina Shaw

Thanks for your reply.

There are quite a few sources of industry news and it's important to manage your time by selecting the ones most suited to your needs.

I'll cancel my subscription.


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