Are You Feeding a Dinosaur?

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In the 21st century, I think we can add to Ben Franklin's ultimate certainties of death and taxes . . . and that will be the need to protect our computers.


And just like it is human nature to try and avoid death and figure out ways to pay fewer taxes, we too often think we can get around taking care of computer security.


So Big Fix created a contest to remind us that we need to let go of the old systems and the old way of protecting our computers with its IT Security Dinosaur Awards, where enterprise IT professionals are invited to charge up their "Flip," smartphone and digital video cameras to capture evidence of the the information security dinosaurs that still exist in modern data center and distributed endpoint computing environments. As David Applebaum, senior vice president of marketing at Big Fix told me:

All technology out there right now that's dedicated toward security -- whether anti-malware vendors or firewall vendors -- are essentially products built in the last century to solve problems that were first discovered in the '90s. Client server architecture has to have a known perimeter around which it will work effectively.

The problem, he added, is that much of the architecture out there today doesn't fit our mobile lifestyle and the increasing number of employees who are working anywhere but their network-connected desktop, which leaves corporate data extremely vulnerable.


What Big Fix is trying to encourage with its contest is a move to endpoint security. In most corporations, the endpoints are laptops that might not be on the network during a scan, Applebaum said. Switching to a security company that focuses on endpoint security can provide better protection to corporate mobile devices.


As for the Dinosaur Awards, Applebaum said:

They are way to have some fun while pointing out the need to improve security measures.