10 Million Reasons to Think about Your Security

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Most organizations understand that it's likely that they will, at some point, be the target of a security-related attack and apply their risk assessments and fixes accordingly.


But could the majority of businesses handle an increase in attacks?


I read an article that stated the U.S. Department of Energy is hit with 10 million cyber attacks a day. The article, written by Ed Sperling and posted at Forbes said that those attacks include:

everything from simple scans all the way up to phishing attacks that attempt to use malicious code to take over. And it can be as sophisticated as any attacker -- think government -- can make it.

The truly amazing part of the story is that it doesn't appear that any serious attack has wormed its way past the security filters. The DOE has done its job in keeping up with the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals . . . and rightly so. The website The Federal Circle reported cyber attacks on government sites are on the rise, while CNN reported that most government entities are at risk because they to don't have the security work force to fight off the attacks.


Will that 10 million number increase at the DOE? Quite possibly. Hopefully DOE has the mechanisms and policies in place to continue to block cyber attacks if they increase.