ZyXEL Unveils Range of Security Cameras for SMBs

Paul Mah

ZyXEL Communications earlier this week announced a number of security cameras, with two of them geared specifically towards SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and small business environments. Both the IPC1905 and IPC4605P are Power-over-Ethernet-powered cameras, and use the cloud to allow users to remotely monitor the cameras over the Internet.

The IPC1905P is a bullet camera that is designed for both indoor and outdoor fixed surveillance, while the IPC4605P supports PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) capabilities for up to 340 degrees of horizontal and 100 degrees of vertical coverage. Both IP cameras also support night vision thanks to integrated IR LEDs in order to see in complete darkness.

In addition, the company also introduced a "professional" line of cameras that include bullet cams (PIC1100 series), mini-dome cameras (PIC2100 series), normal dome cameras (PIC3100 series) and PTZ dome cameras with up to 20x zoom (PIC4100 series). Built on a common platform, they offer smart motion detection, PoE capability and either 2M CMOS or 5M CMOS image sensors. Moreover, they also come with optional IP-66 rated enclosures for weatherproof protection.

The PIC1100 series, PIC2100 series, PIC3100 series and PIC4100 series of cameras also support ONVIF, a global industry standard to interface with IP-based physical security products. As such, these cameras can be easily integrated into existing ONVIF installations.

In a prepared statement, Steven Joe, ZyXEL's executive vice president of American channels, said:

ZyXEL has broadened its security camera product portfolio with the introduction of these professional-grade security cameras for professional installers and SOHO users.

What Zyxel has done is to bring a range of powerful capabilities in the realm of security cameras within reach of SMBs. In place of expensive, monolithic solutions, small businesses can now start off with the IPC1905P or IPC4605P, and migrate on to the various professional series of ZyXEL IP cameras as their needs grow.

Consistent PoE support across all products means that existing Ethernet infrastructure can be maintained, with no need to work with proprietary AC adapters that may be hard to replace. This is crucial as an unpowered camera cannot capture the crucial security footage that they were deployed for.

All above-mentioned ZyXEL cameras are currently available, though no pricing information was offered in the press release or on the product website.

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