Welcome to the New IT Business Edge SMB Blog


When it comes to IT, all the big vendors want you to believe that their enterprise solutions are the best options available. Obviously, this cannot be true. Certainly, a full-fledged SAN makes no sense to an organization with just two dozen staffers, nor does dealing with the intricacies of building a data center when all you need is a small computer closet. Or how does paying for the full complement of SAP modules sound -- when all you need is a simple accounting system for your start-up?


Which brings me to the purpose of this SMB blog.


My name is Paul Mah, and I'm absolutely thrilled to join IT Business Edge. As the IT Business Edge SMB blogger, I will be bringing you news and analysis of happenings and trends pertinent to IT decision makers and senior executives like yourself.


I come from a technical background, and have almost a decade of hands-on experience "in the trenches" of IT, so to speak. That's right; I worked professionally as a system administrator, handling networks of just over a hundred nodes, and also as a programmer and then system analyst, dealing with anything from C to Java to PHP and .NET. As you can imagine, I'm pretty comfortable with both the hard and soft aspects of IT.


Enterprise-sized organizations often have their hoards of analysts and consultants tagging along to the party. For the rest of us, though, let me help you to cut through the marketing fluff and examine the heart of the solutions (and problems!) that we have to deal with. So if you are one of the millions working in the so-called SMB space, you will find yourself perfectly at home on this blog.


Check back often. See you around!