Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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Check Out Paul's Favorite Gadgets

Check out Paul's favorite productivity-enhancing gadgets.

As in many small and mid-sized businesses, your organization might be lean on staff. SMB employees often have to juggle between multiple roles or work slightly longer hours to keep things running smoothly.


Though not often mentioned, improving personal productivity can go a long way toward getting you out of the office on time and achieving better work-life balance. From a technological perspective, what are some ways we can enhance productivity in the modern workspace?


Your E-mail Isn't Your Work

Have you ever spent an hour (or more) to finally clear all your e-mails, only to realize that you've actually not done any work for the day yet? I've come to realize that e-mail isn't really work, but simply a communication medium much like the phone or fax machine.


There is a lot more to say about this that I don't have the space for here, but I have a simple recommendation: Instead of trying to clear all your e-mails in the mornings -- or every time a new message comes in -- just scan through the headlines and respond to the crucial and time-sensitive ones first.


The rest can be cleared throughout the day in between various work tasks. Instead of walking to the cooler -- or drifting over to some social-networking sites -- go to your e-mail inbox and zap another dozen. Rinse, repeat and get all of them cleared before you leave the office for the day.


Use the Right Peripherals

I've always been a fan of using the right tools to get the job done. Faulty keyboards, slow computers - they irk me no end. Of course, this can be a huge topic in itself, which is why I've specially put together a list of Eight Must-Have Peripherals to Enhance Productivity for tech hardware that you will want at arm's-length of your workstation.


Do have a look at it, and let me know what you think.


Use the Right Software

I compiled a list of software that I use in a blog post earlier this year. Many of these are small and free utilities that have helped me in my work as a tech writer and journalist. While your needs will definitely vary, you might want to check it out and see if some of the software that I have installed will be of any use to you.


In my view, software tools can either help waste or save time. And, of course, any time saved is efficiency gained.


I hope that this blog has proved useful to you. Feel free to add to the comments below if you have additional tips to add to my list.