Tandberg Data Positions Eight-disk RDX QuikStation at SMBs

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Tandberg Data earlier this week unveiled its RDX QuikStation, which the company says is the world's first network-attached disk library based on the RDX removable disk technology. The 2U QuikStation is positioned by Tandberg Data as an affordable, yet versatile, backup appliance suitable for small- and mid-sized businesses. In terms of capacity, the QuikStation offers virtually unlimited offline capacity via eight RDX bays that can accept RDX cartridges of varying capacity.


According to information sent by Tandberg Data, the eight RDX bays can be addressed as individual iSCSI targets or deployed as an emulated tape drive in two separate configurations. On the emulation front, SearchDisasterRecovery.com noted that the QuikStation can be set up as a Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 with eight slots and one LTO-3 tape drive, or a Tandberg Data StorageLoader with eight slots and two LTO-3 tape drives.


An RDX cartridge consists of a 2.5-inch SATA disk drive in a protective shell, giving businesses the advantage of the transfer and access speeds inherent to disk-based storage while retaining the benefits of portability as rugged tape cartridges. Because the RDX roadmap tracks with the 2.5-inch mobile HDD industry, higher capacities are expected to become available over time; in fact, a Tandberg Data Business Unit manager told eChannelLine that a 1.5TB cartridge will be available "by the end of the year." In addition, the use of RDX backup cartridges means that backups can be locked away for security reasons.


For now, current capacities of an RDX cartridge range from 160GB to 1TB, with support for a fast transfer speed of 45MB/sec per cartridge. With the QuikStation able to perform simultaneous read and write on all eight docks (in iSCSI mode), Tandberg Data has equipped each appliance with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to reduce the likelihood of network bottlenecks slowing down the backup process.


Unlike a larger, removable disk library that incorporates mechanical automation to swap tapes, the RDX QuikStation is a relatively simple device that eliminates the frills to maintain a level of affordability that SMBs will appreciate. The presence of a Web-based management interface allows for remote configuration and also enhances its usability. On the management front, the RDX QuikStation is supported by popular backup applications such as Computer Associates' ARCserve, Symantec Backup Exec and Tandberg Data's AccuGuardServer backup and deduplication software. The company says additional ISV support will be announced in the near future.


The RDX QuikStation is available at major OEMs, reseller and distributors around the globe at the manufacturer suggested retail price of US$3,999 (the 160GB RDX cartridge costs $149; a 1TB one costs $419). Further information about the QuikStation can be obtained on its product page.