SMBs Speeding up Their Windows 7 Adoption

Paul Mah

SMBs are speeding up their plans to adopt Windows 7 after its official launch last year. This was the conclusion of a study by Spiceworks in which 1,500 IT professionals were polled. The respondents came from 85 countries around the globe, with close to half (44 percent) coming from North America.


I took a look at the free report here (sign-in required) and highlight some of the findings below.


More aggressive plans to adopt Windows 7

As highlighted earlier, SMBs appear to be accelerating plans to adopt Windows 7, with 20 percent more companies planning to switch to Windows 7 after its official launch. Indeed, most plan to do so in six to 12 months, proof of a more aggressive implementation strategy by these companies.


This is significant because many companies typically wait for the release of the first service pack before moving to a new Microsoft operating system. For such a substantial increase to take place speaks of the desirability and general confidence in the new operating system.


Speed improvements the driving force to upgrade

When asked about the reasons for their decision to upgrade to Windows 7, 62 percent of IT professionals with plans to do so cited speed as the primary reason; this proved true where early adopters of Windows 7 were concerned as well. Having used the RTM version Windows 7 Enterprise myself for about three months now, I can attest that Windows 7 performs much faster and with greater stability than the unpopular Windows Vista.


Cost the main deterrent

Not surprisingly, the main reason given by IT professionals with no plans to upgrade has to do with a lack of cost/benefit. This makes sense in a way: Windows 7 does not offer that much in terms of new capabilities, especially for older hardware and networks. I would extrapolate that companies with older hardware are likely to be smaller shops loathe to pay hundreds of dollars for an upgrade license.


Alternatively, they could also be perfectly happy with existing computers, or have plans to purchase new PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled.


Have you upgraded to Windows 7 yet? If no, what are the reasons holding you back?

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Jan 27, 2010 8:20 PM Bryan Moore Bryan Moore  says:

I personaly have upgraded at home, mostly for the increase in speed and stability over vista and the cool new window snap features.  However, at work (large worldwide corp.) we will begin purchaseing new pc's with 7, but we will not upgrade existing pc's, mostly for cost reasons and the fact that our existing OS is XP....

Jan 31, 2010 1:20 PM Finnie Finnie  says:

Just read a similar post on NetworkWorld

They mention virtualization as possible solution to moving to Windows 7 without going mad.

Anyone had any experience using Zinstall XP7 ( http://www.zinstall.com ) for large-scale migrations? I'd like to hear some real IT people's input, not just reviews.

Feb 1, 2010 9:05 AM Paul Mah Paul Mah  says: in response to Finnie

@Finnie, interesting about Zinstall. I don't have any experience with them unfortunately. Would love to hear opinions of its real-world usage too.


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