SMB Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


I wrote a number of blogs over the last couple of months on the topic of business continuity and disaster recovery. In case you missed some of them, I have compiled the various articles relating to these two important topics below.


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Disaster Recovery


What better way to get started off on the topic of disaster recovery than to be reminded of the repercussions of not having proper backups. In Fannie Mae Case Is a Reminder Not to Take Data Backup Lightly, a disgruntled developer who was fired decided to append additional instructions into a daily script. Timed to execute some months later, it would have deleted - and then scrubbed - the data from some 4,000 servers.


And while some would have you believe otherwise, backups need to be tested to ensure that they are properly done - and this is made up of more than just the data. You can read more about this in Testing Backups Should Not Be Optional and Backups: More Than Just the Data.


At the end of the day, even the most cost-effective backup medium costs money. In Set Limits to Your Corporate Mailbox, I bring your attention to the corporate mailbox, which - if improperly maintained - can be a culprit contributing to exorbitant costs as storage requirements balloon.


Finally, I take a closer look at the possibility of leveraging cloud-based storage for your data backup needs in Consider Mozy Online Backup Service for Your the SMB.


Business Continuity


Where business continuity is concerned, I elaborated in The Importance of Business Continuity.


Moving on, I walked through few areas that I consider as important for business continuity. In SMB Tips to Ensure Business Continuity and More SMB Tips to Ensure Business Continuity, I elaborated on Internet access, the availability of one's Web site, and acesss to computer systems and e-mail, respectively.


As a roundup to this SMB guide to business continuity and disaster recovery, I suggested that SMBs should approach this area as part of a unified strategy. In Forming a United Strategy for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, I made some recommendations in this regard.