Real-World Advice for SMBs

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I was sifting through some e-mails and came across an earlier correspondence with Intermedia, a leading provider of hosted e-mail. While we were actually communicating about the merits of hosted e-mails and Microsoft's upcoming Exchange 2010, which I plan to write about next, I also asked Intermedia what attracted it to serve the SMB market.


According to Danny Essner, director of marketing for Intermedia, of the nearly 27 million businesses in the United States, just over 100,000 companies have more than 100 employees. With the rest having fewer than 100 employees, it is clear that the company is attracted to the substantial number of SMBs out there. In Essner's own words, "why dwell in a market [larger corporations] that might not last, when you can serve an industry that keeps growing?"


So beyond the obvious reason that you are reading my SMB blog because you hail from a small or medium-sized business, what else can you expect to gain from your time here?


Speaking from actual experience


I spent more than five years working in various SMBs as an IT professional and heading an IT department. As such, I am well aware of the real constraints and limitations that small and medium-sized businesses might face. So whether it is strategies for disaster recovery and business continuity, or project implementation tips, you can be sure that I am tempering whatever advice or direction I give with a dose of budgetary and execution realities.


Conversations with experts and market leaders


Obviously, technology changes all the time and best practices one day can become poor advice the next. I don't pretend to know everything. I do engage industry experts and analysts on topics pertinent to the SMB. For example, I wrote a blog last week on the case for non-open source databases in your SMB, in which Mike Fuller of InterSystems was kind enough to share on the merits of proprietary databases.


Relevant, concise coverage


I do my best to cover current topics in a practical fashion. White papers crammed with jargon and complicated, multi-layered terminologies might make sense to those at the literal bleeding edge of IT, but they can be daunting to executives seeking a quick explanation or practical directions. On my SMB blog, you will not find huge words and fuzzy concepts; I seek to achieve relevant, concise coverage, and either actual implementation ideas or at least pointers toward related topics.


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