IBM Announces Deduplication Appliance for Mid-Sized Businesses

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IBM has introduced a new deduplication appliance targeted at the mid-sized businesses. The 2U-sized ProtecTIER TS7610 sits between an application server and a storage array, performing data deduplication to greatly improve storage utilization. The TS7610 in this case supports up to 12 1TB SATA disk drives for data storage.


Essentially a scaled-down version of higher-end, enterprise offerings from the ProtecTIER line of deduplication appliances, the TS7610 deploys the same deduplication technology to enable clients to store up to 25 times more backup data on disk. This compressed data has the added effect of reducing the network bandwidth by 95 percent, a critical trait that makes it possible to replicate large volumes of data across geographical locations for added robustness in terms of disaster recovery.


At the moment, the TS7610 is available in prepackaged configurations of 4TB or 5.4TB of storage capacity. At a starting price of $50,000, the default package comes with an Intel Pro/1000 PT dual-port gigabit Ethernet adapter and an Emulex LPe11002 fiber channel host bus adapter (HBA), which supports up to 4Gbps link speeds. Shipments will begin on August 6, says IBM.


You can find out more about its hardware specifications from the official product page for the TS7610 ProtecTIER here.


With an adequate network connection coupled with its built-in virtual tape library support, the TS7610 can essentially replace tape libraries, and also eliminating the need to manually transport bulky tape or disk medium to backup disaster recovery or business continuity sites.


While it might not be of much interest to small businesses in general, mid-sized corporations with burgeoning data storage needs could well do to consider the TS7610 as a relatively affordable way to start deploying deduplication technology for their needs. Still, is the TS7610 the most value for money offering out there?


Brad Johns, IBM storage offering manager is confident that IBM's new offering is competitive against competitors such as EMC's entrenched Data Domain offerings. Johns said, "We emphasize that this is enterprise level technology, from Fortune 100 customers, being offered in the midsize environment." Johns also noted that the price-performance ratio of the ProcTIER TS7610 is "very aggressive."