HP Unveils Updated Network, Storage Gear for SMBs

Paul Mah

Hewlett Packard last week unveiled a number of products for the small and mid-sized businesses market, a segment that the company says is worth $234 billion per year in terms of IT products. Speaking at HP's launch event, analyst Chad Thompson referred to the recovery of SMBs when he said, "This is not a nice, linear curve moving out of the recession." SMBs have to "do more with less" notes Thompson, a trend also reflected by the latest semi-annual report by Spiceworks.


HP's offerings appear to address this consideration across a range of products and services, though specific products that pertain to networking and storage bear mentioning.




HP updated its V family of network switches for SMBs with the introduction of the HP V1410 Series, which comes in either eight, 16, or 24 ports operating at 10/100/1000 Mbps. The V1410 Series is a more energy-efficient evolution of the existing V1400 and also offers more configuration choices and use options.


Interestingly, the V1410 series also includes a slot for a Kensington Computer Products lock, which is generally utilized to secure portable personal computers. HP says that this feature is critical for some small businesses, as network switches may be kept on a desk in an open area. The V1410 is available now and is priced at $109 and $379 for the eight-port and 24-port model respectively.




On the storage front, HP boosted the capacity of its existing StorageWorks storage appliance such as the X1000 Network Storage System, which now packs twice the number of drives in half the space. The StorageWorks P2000 G3 SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Modular Array, too, saw its capacity doubled compared to the previous-generation device. In addition, the P2000 now come with 6G bps SAS capability, as well as software that can replicate snapshots of data to a different set of disks in the array.


For smaller SMBs or branch offices, HP also rolled out the StorageWorks X310 Data Vault, which the company says is suitable for small businesses with 10 client PCs and Macs. The StorageWorks X310 Data Vault is small tower-based enclosure that can accommodate up to four (one is built-in) standard 3.5-inch SATA drives internally. According to HP, the device runs on Microsoft Windows Home Server, making it easy to install and manage for SMBs with limited IT support. The X310 can accommodate as much as 15T bytes of storage when external drives are attached via eSATA (1 available) and USB (4 available) ports.


The price of the X1000 and P2000 series starts at $3,152 and $8,970, while the X310 Data Vault has a list price of $549 for basic options.


Moving ahead, HP also said that it plans to increase offerings such as storage, networking and mobile products toward what it terms as "micro offices" which might contain 10 or less workers. Last week's announcement is one in a series of efforts by HP to court the SMB market.

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