HP, Lenovo Launch New Servers Targeted at SMBs

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Lenovo have separately introduced new, entry-level server models geared specifically at small- and mid-sized businesses. Positioned at price ranges that overlap workstation machines, these new servers should appeal to businesses that have been repurposing desktops for use as servers or building their own servers from white-box components.


In the case of HP, its new offerings would be the ProLiant ML110 G7 and HP ProLiant DL120 G7 servers, both of which are touted as entry-level servers for running a range of dedicated applications such as Web messaging, file and print operations, as well as small Internet applications. Both models incorporate standard features such as iLO3 (Integrated Lights-Out) for remote management support, and at least one 1GbE network port. In addition, redundant power supply is also supported as an option.


As pointed out by eWeek, IT managers should be aware that both the ML110 G7 and the DL120 G7 incorporate Intel's lower-end Xeon i3 Core chips, which are not optimized for virtualization. In spite of this, HP says in an email that its new servers will help improve return on investments (ROI), speed application delivery and better utilize IT resources. The tower ProLiant ML110 G7 has a starting price of $710 on HP's website, while the rack-optimized ProLiant DL120 G7 has a starting price of $895 (the ML110 G7 can also be rack-mountable if desired). According to HP, both servers can be ordered now and will be available for delivery in the next few weeks.


On its part, Lenovo last week introduced two new ThinkServer models in the form of two tower units: the entry-level TS130 and the more powerful TS430, which are available for a starting price of $499 and $699, respectively. Despite its low price, the TS130 incorporates Intel's AMT 7.0 remote management functionality, which opens the door for smaller SMBs to outsource their IT management to a third party. The TS430 has a remote management feature too, though it is based on IP-KVM, as well as eight hot-swap drives.


According to the InformationWeek report here, both ThinkServer models are also rack-mountable. Andrew Jeffries, Lenovo's product marketing manager for ThinkServer, brought up the open secret of SMBs repurposing general-purpose PCs for server roles and how the new ThinkServer models should ease this problem. Jeffries puts it this way:

So many small businesses over the years might have been saying: 'You know what, I don't have the money' ... Now, you're getting true server-grade features for around the same price as a desktop.

Is your organization guilty of using non-server hardware for server tasks in your SMB?