HP Introduces New Desktop for SMBs


Hewlett-Packard earlier this month introduced a new desktop targeted at small and mid-sized businesses, following a trend among computer makers. Some recent examples of offerings designed for SMBs' unique needs would be IBM's new deduplication appliance for mid-sized businesses, Dell's rebranded security hardware and services for SMBs, and a value line of ThinkServer systems by Lenovo.


The HP Pro 3130 Minitower Business PC runs on Windows 7 and comes with a variety of configurable options, ranging from the choice of Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors, integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 and system support for up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM. The primary hard disk drive is 160GB, with higher capacities or a second HDD for RAID protection optional. An optical drive is available in standard DVD-ROM, DVD Writer or Blue-ray Writer configurations. In addition, power users will appreciate the choice of an integrated 22-in-1 media card reader, and the ability to include USB 3.0 "SuperSpeed" ports added via a PCI Express card.


As you might expect, the HP Pro 3130 comes with a number of business-centric features not generally found in consumer desktops. For example, an optional Kensington security lock can be used to secure the mini-tower desktop at locations that are more open to the public. According to HP, its new workstation is also bundled with security software ideal for small businesses without access to a dedicated IT staffer.


A Password Manager is available to help users protect and manage their login information, while a File Sanitizer can be used to permanently erase the hard disk. Users might not be aware that deleted data usually can be recovered with the right tools - even if cleared from the Recycle Bin. Without the need for additional tools or the relevant IT knowledge, the File Sanitizer software helps SMBs protect the confidentiality of their data; a data wipe can be executed prior to upgrading to a new hard disk or when repurposing workstations between departments (Such as from Accounting to Sales).


The hardware specification certainly does validate HP's claim of flexibility, and scales well to address most business needs. Even demanding business users would be more than satisfied by the ability to opt for systems with i7 processors, Intel's most powerful processor family at the moment, while the ability to pack 16GB of RAM should be more than most users need.


One downside would be its relatively lackluster graphics card, which might not suite users with specialized needs such as graphic artists or engineers working with 3D design tools. On an overall basis, the HP Pro 3130 should cater to the most common SMB needs while providing features that businesses will appreciate and benefit from.


You can read more about the HP Pro 3130 here. According to HP, the PC is available in the United States at a starting list price of $579.