Five More Business Uses for Your Apple iPad

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Business Apps for iPad

The iPad is receiving a warm welcome from developers and business users.

In my last post entitled, "Five Business Uses for Your Apple iPad," I highlighted a number of uses for the tablet that your boss would approve of. While it would have been easy for me to recommend specific software, I felt it made more sense to evaluate the iPad in terms of the business roles it can fulfill. With the same theme in mind, I have identified five more business uses for your iPad tablet today.


Catch Up on Reading


The iPad with its larger display is very well suited for catching up on some reading when traveling, or while waiting for the clients to arrive. Aside from the bunch of dedicated ebook applications such as iBooks and Kindle for the iPad, there is also a large number of RSS news readers that can help you keep apace of developments in your industry. Finally, iPad clients of both Read It Later and Instrapaper are available for you to catch up on Web pages flagged for reading from your desktop.


Access Company E-mail


One very practical feature of the iPad is its ability to connect to not just POP servers, but also to an Exchange Server or IMAP-based mail server. Users are not only able to access and read their e-mails in the latter two scenarios, but are also able to perform basic folder management and filing tasks. Moreover, the iPad's large screen and ability to render HTML e-mails in high fidelity allows users to tackle their inbox at practically the same productivity level as from a full-fledged workstation. Finally, a recent iOS update has made it possible for an iPad to connect to more than one Exchange Server for users that require this functionality.


Take Your Office with You


With apps offering the ability to edit and review Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, workers can literally bring their office along with them. While these software do represent an additional cost, and might not have all the desired functionality, they have worked well for me. In addition, they also price cheaply in comparison to desktop software.


Organize Your Schedule


There are many types of calendaring software that allow you to manage your work and personal schedule for the iPad. Schedules planned on Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized wirelessly to your iPad, or when synchronizing via iTunes-many of the apps also support syncing to cloud-based calendaring services such as Google Calendar.


Manage Social Media


The 10-hour battery stamina of the iPad means that you can leverage it for your social media interactions without constantly worrying about it running out of juice. Businesses are now aware of the importance of engaging their customers on an individual level via sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And while enterprises have the budget to pay dedicated specialists to perform these tasks, the responsibility in SMBs usually falls on the shoulders of employees in the sales and technical departments. On this front, the iPad makes an excellent platform, with dedicated clients for just about every social network out there. Safari works well, too.


That's all I have for now. Feel free to share anecdotes pertaining to your business use of the iPad here.

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Jan 20, 2011 2:39 PM Andy Wayne Andy Wayne  says:

Thanks for the great article Paul! In addition to the business uses you mentioned, I wanted to offer some business apps I use that help me stay updated:

If you have files you want to share and collaborate with-Try Drop box.  It's free and works worldwide. Or if you want to move office type file use Docs to go or Pages.  They are conveniently linked with iTunes.  When I need to fully utilize my back office I use LogMeIn (you can even connect from your IPhone with LogMeIn Ignition.  Printing is simple with print central (although printing is now supported in the new OS update).

Andy Wayne

VP Worldwide Sales Support & Client Implementation

Worldwide TechServices


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