Dell Adds New PowerEdge Servers to SMB Lineup


Dell has announced the addition of two new PowerEdge servers to its SMB lineup, which comes on the back of HP's recent launch of its own small business-centric MicroServer. And no wonder that hardware manufacturers are scrambling to expand their portfolio of SMB products. Gartner has estimated that SMBs around the world are poised to spend $856 billion on IT this year, a figure expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2014.


In this instance, both the PowerEdge R415 and R515 are dual-socket servers powered by Opteron 4100 processors from Advanced Micro Devices. Brian Payne, director of server product management at Dell, explained that they were designed to bring enterprise-level capabilities to SMBs while being easy to afford and manage. To that end, both newly launched servers come with redundant power supplies and hot-swap hard disks.


The 1U PowerEdge R415 is designed for various SMB needs ranging from e-mail and small virtualization deployments. While small, it is no laggard and can accommodate up to 64GB of system memory and up to 8 terabytes of local storage.


The R515 PowerEdge is slightly larger at 2U, and is positioned more toward mid-sized businesses. Dell says that it was designed to handle databases, workload consolidation and other tasks that require a large amount of local storage. Specifically, the ability to hold up to 12 hard disks means its storage could be scaled up to 25TB per server. This makes it particularly attractive to SMBs that need a server with robust capacity to virtualize legacy servers, but that do not find it cost effective to invest in a new SAN.


What appear to be more important though, are the various software tools included for easier deployment and maintenance. Dell says that it is including its Server Deployment Pack, Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and Lifecycle Controller with the servers. In addition, they come with advanced features such as an interactive LCD screen for system monitoring and Energy Smart technologies to help businesses use power effectively.


The R415 and R515 will be available at an entry price of $1,200 and $1,600 respectively. They will be available worldwide starting Oct. 11. You can see the original press release from Dell here.