Consider Mozy Online Backup Service for Your the SMB


I recently wrote about the use of remote backup services as a way to maintain business continuity. A blog post written by Rick Vanover over at TechRepublic came out shortly after, in which he talked about his experiences with the Mozy online backup service.


While I've known about Mozy, the write-up prompted me to take a long hard look at the features offered by one of the best known online backup services. Indeed, I did a lot better, and managed to recover a demo key for its paid offering which I obtained from Mozy some time back, but never got down to testing -- more on that later.


Anyway, I was impressed as I looked at some of the features offered by the paid MozyPro offering. MozyPro supports various common business applications such as SQL and Exchange, as well as support for open or even locked files, capabilities which position it as an appropriate service for server backup. In addition, the ability to handle the PST files used by Microsoft Outlook comes as a bonus.


If you have ever shopped for backup software for your SMB, you will know that the licensing cost for applications to backup the data on an Exchange server tend to be expensive. And that's not even inclusive of the requisite hardware such as RAID or tape drives. In contrast, Mozy's online backup offering offers an excellent solution for small and medium businesses that are loathe to plunk down a large sum of cash up-front, or who simply want to get on with running their business.


After all, not all SMBs want to deal with the hassle of looking up various storage vendors, contacting them, meeting to look at various offerings, evaluate the myriad disparate options and support clauses, pick a solution, place an order, wait for the hardware to arrive, and when it comes, start to configure the backup software to work with the hardware, and -- you get the drift.


And yes, should disaster occur, there is apparently an option for Mozy to FedEx your restores to you.


As I wrap up this blog post, my Mozy client is busy uploading about 1.5 GB of my Email archives. I'll post more details once I am able to test it out further, so stay tuned.