CompTIA Study: SMBs More Aggressive in Technology Adoption

Paul Mah

A new study released last week by trade association CompTIA indicates that small and mid-sized businesses in the United States are increasingly relying on new IT solutions to strengthen various aspects of their operations. This conclusion was established based on an online survey of more than 400 executives spread across key verticals in February 2010.


Not surprisingly, the "Second Annual SMB Technology Adoption Trends" report determined that 80 percent of SMBs are looking for technology solutions that "deliver immediate payback in terms of minimum disruption of business continuity and seamless integration with existing solutions." Indeed, a majority (71 percent) say that they are willing to pay a premium for new solutions with a proven ROI.


CompTIA defines small and mid-sized companies as those having between 10 to 499 employees, which is similar to the way we define them at ITBusinessEdge.com.


According to the report, SMBs are seeking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Virtualization - Interest in this mainstream technology remains strong.
  • Unified Communications - 25 percent plan to adopt a VoIP solution, so is your SMB ready for UC?
  • Managed Services - There is a "Two- to threefold increase" in the number SMBs using managed services compared with the figures obtained in 2009. Clearly, a breakthrough has taken place with managed services.
  • Open Source Applications - This comes somewhat as a surprise, especially since 20 percent of those polled say they plan to begin using open source software in the "next 12 months."
  • Mobility Upgrades - With everyone getting into the mobile arena, it is logical that SMBs will also want to enable their employees to remotely access company networks. Forty-five percent says they plan to work on mobility upgrades within the next year.


This report dovetails well with a separate study by software giant Microsoft which concluded that SMB tech spending is on the rebound. Ultimately, these reports represent good news for SMB companies; the sheer size of the SMB market means that considerable gains can be achieved by just a gradual increase in its forward momentum. In addition, SMBs' increase budgets also mean that vendors and equipment makers will pay much more attention to the needs of companies in this niche.


Is there any solution that you need or are exploring, that is not listed above? Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section, and I'll also try to address them here in the future.

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