Cisco Releases Wireless Surveillance Camera for SMBs


Cisco has unveiled a wireless surveillance camera by its Linksys unit that is targeted at SMBs.


Other than its ability to connect to wireless networks, the Wireless-G PTZ Internet Camera with Audio (WVC210) -- what a mouthful -- is capable of sending live video through the Internet to a Web browser. "PTZ" is the acronym for "Pan, Tilt, and Zoom," which means exactly what the words suggest: the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely.


Some of the uses SMBs could have for the WVC210 would probably include remotely monitoring their businesses at key locations such as point-of-sales (POS), front lobbies, loading bays etc. with ease. In fact, the built-in, low-light performance of the WVC210 makes it suitable for warehouse, office or even night shooting. In addition to live streaming of video, it also supports two-way audio as well as sending out real-time alerts in response to motion.


Where I live in Singapore, a number of food chains have taken to installing similar cameras that are positioned at either the POS or front counter area. I presume that these disparate cameras are all linked back to the head office where the video feeds are either recorded, or monitored.


While I would question the robustness and scalability of such a stand-alone solution, the fact is that a setup such as the WVC210 does represent an affordable and relatively simple solution for remote monitoring.


The WVC210 costs $297 and is available now.