CDW Offers Free Virtualization Self-Assessment Tool

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Small Business Virtualization Roadmap

An examination of the opportunities and challenges related to server virtualization.

IT services firm CDW has announced a new self-administered tool to help small businesses determine their readiness in deploying server virtualization. The free questionnaire differs from others in that it was designed to cater to business owners to evaluate their requirements relative to their non-enterprise environment.


The self-assessment tool takes into consideration factors such as number of IT users on the network, number of existing servers, current knowledge of virtualization and management awareness of virtualization benefits to offer suggestions on the next steps to take.


In a prepared statement, Jill Billhorn, CDW vice president of small business sales, said:

The CDW self-assessment tool helps small businesses determine whether they are ready to virtualize and how to move forward. Combined with the tips and guidance in the Roadmap, it is a great first step toward building a plan for server virtualization.

While virtualization is a mature technology, there are SMBs that have yet to deploy it. Businesses taking the plunge today can still expect to reap the associated benefits of virtualization.


For example, CDW says it polled more than 200 IT professionals from small businesses in a survey conducted in August. It was found that 25 percent of these businesses have virtualized at least some of their hardware servers into a single machine, freeing 18 percent of their IT budget. This works out to an average of $19,400 per year that can be put towards other uses.


As a matter of interest, small businesses that say they have gone the server virtualization route attributed their move to the following reasons:

  • Replace aging hardware (43 percent)
  • Server consolidation (36 percent)
  • Improve disaster recovery/backup (35 percent)
  • Improve efficiency of IT infrastructure (27 percent)
  • Reduce IT operating costs (23 percent)


In conclusion, SMBs that may have missed the initial virtualization bandwagon can still benefit from properly implemented server virtualization. And far from treating virtualization as a stand-alone IT project, businesses should implement it as part of an integrated effort to replace aging hardware and improve their disaster recovery and backup strategies, among others.


The actual self-assessment tool can be downloaded here (PDF), though the Small Business Server Virtualization Roadmap page does offer links to many other useful resources.