Carbonite Unveils Flat-rate SMB Offering for Online Backup

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Online backup provider Carbonite last week announced the availability of two online backup solutions targeted at small- and mid-sized businesses. The solutions are tailored specifically for two distinct groups of businesses: smaller branch offices and larger offices with servers that require remote backup protection. Carbonite Business comes with 250GB of storage space, while Carbonite Business Premier doubles that to 500GB. Both plans allow businesses to back up an unlimited number of computers for a flat fee of $229 and $599, respectively, per year; Business Premier adds support for Windows file server backup. According to the Carbonite product page, businesses can purchase additional storage at a yearly cost of $46 for 50GB or $89 for 100GB.


Backups are performed automatically, and Carbonite supports both Windows and Mac environments - users can opt for continual automatic backups, scheduled backups (useful for servers) or pipe data to an external hard drive. The company says that data encryption using the robust 128-bit Blowfish encryption is performed prior to transferring the data over the Internet, while service-level agreements should address any lingering concerns over data accessibility.


Carbonite appears to have acquired a good understanding of small business operations and both plans also come with a free "Valet Setup" in which a Carbonite representative will remotely install and configure the requisite client-side backup software on a customer's computer. In addition, a "Rapid Recovery" service comes with a number of features designed to ease the pain of any data restoration that may be necessary. Free phone support, for example, as well as an option for recovery from a hard-disk drive delivered via express courier is also mentioned.


Carbonite Business and Carbonite Business Premier were apparently designed after extensive research and interviews with small businesses, according to a report by the Boston Herald. "Carbonite provides a better way for small businesses to back up their data," says Pete Lamson, vice president and general manager of the small business group at Carbonite. Lamson also stressed the importance of using an off-site solution when it comes to data backup, a point that I fully agree with. Indeed, I've written on the topic of transitioning to off-site data backups last year, and also explored the topic of online backup earlier this year.


Is cloud backup the way to go for SMBs, though? In a separate report in PC Magazine, Carbonite CEO and co-founder David Friend highlighted the preference that SMBs have towards cloud-based backup. He said:

Our market research has indicated that they would choose an automatic, cloud-based solution if it were affordable, so we built Carbonite Business specifically to address those needs.

A free 30-day trial of Carbonite Business is available here.

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Jun 22, 2011 1:35 PM Brian McCarthy Brian McCarthy  says:

Really.... targeted at small- and mid-sized businesses, how do they figure?  At best, and this is a stretch a consumer grade app. 

First off businesses look for "security" and Carbonite is anything but secure.  Second SMBs use application servers like SQL and Exchange, which they currently do not support.  Any business with over 100GBs will want a local disk backup appliance vs. pure cloud, again C does not have.  They do backup data but not the apps, nor operating system, etc.  Their data center are not  SAS 70 Type II.....oops there goes the audits. 

Come on it's still a pig even with lip stick.  Yes we resell i365, and after careful vetting of our suppliers we choose i365 and Asigra, true SMB and SME backup software aka Professional grade.

Jun 24, 2011 3:47 PM Nadya Nadya  says:

There is another option to backup data to cloud storage powered by Amazon S3. Check out CloudBerry Backup http://backup.cloudberrylab.com/  It is onetime fee and the rest what you pay for Amazon S3. Besides, there is no proprietary data format and you can access your data using other Amazon s3 tools. Supports all Amazon S3 regions and Reduced Redundancy Storage.


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