AVG Launches Campaign for SMBs to Switch to Security Solutions

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Earlier this month, security vendor, AVG Technologies, launched a "Make the Switch" campaign that the company hopes will get SMBs to convert to using its newly launched AVG 2011 Business Edition family of products. The offering is designed to give its resellers an attractive carrot when working with SMBs that might currently be "fiscally locked' into other agreements."


As reported by eChannelLine, new customers switching to AVG 2011 Business Edition can trade in the remaining months of their non-AVG licensing period for free coverage from AVG. The number of transferable months appears to vary slightly with geographical location though; while eChannelLine mentions a maximum of 24 months, the Singapore promotional site stipulates a maximum trade-in of up to three years. The length of the free license is computed by rounding up to the nearest month, meaning that a business with six months and one day left on their contract will get seven months' worth of additional protection. As a bonus, AVG says that a 50 percent extension will also be added to the length of any newly purchased AVG security license. Under this deal, customers paying for 12 months of AVG protection will be given 18 months of protection, while a two-year subscription will be bumped up to 36 months of protection.


The genesis of this program was elaborated on by Robert Gorby, global head of SMB Propositions at AVG. Gorby outlined the three circumstances that trigger SMBs to switch security vendors: the ending of an existing contractual agreement, availability of new solutions and/or the need to react when faced with a security breach.


Clearly, AVG is confident of its security products and has its eyes set on SMBs that want the latest in anti-virus and Internet security protection.


While I am in no position to recommend one security solution over another, I must say that AVG has a shrewd eye towards growing its market share with this initiative. And the best part of this promotion is how competing security vendors will be left in the dark about their customers having made the switch; that is, until existing subscriptions run out months or years later and the SMBs fail to renew.


I wrote about AVG's new 2011 Security Software for SMBs last month where I highlighted some of its features, as well as pertinent pricing information. You can also access additional information and links to download a 30-day trial for the various AVG security solutions here.


If your SMB is considering testing out AVG's products with an eye towards making a switch, be informed that AVG's offer runs until December 31, 2010.

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