Weekend Reading: A Web 2.0 Standards Primer


Most of the standards used for Web 2.0 are fairly commonly understood. RSS, for instance, is a no-brainer; you could figure out what that standard does almost by using it.


But are you familiar with Oauth and the data security issues it addresses? Are you familiar with CMIS-content management interoperability services? Do you know about Dataportability.org, a group driving Web 2.0 data portability standards?


If not, have I got a good weekend read for you. This DM article is like a primer for emerging Web 2.0 standards. The author is Dmitri Tcherevik, chief technology officer of FatWire Software, a New York-based company specializing in Web management tools, including enterprise 2.0 collaboration and content integration capabilities.


Tcheverik's premise is that data portability is the precursor to data integration with Web 2.0. And right now, data portability standards are just emerging from the primordial soup of Internet, but soon, they will find their way into the enterprise. Tcheverik writes:

"Interesting new standards such as OpenID, OAuth, CMIS and others have already begun to emerge. These standards are a huge step forward, but much more must be done to improve these standards and ensure they are supported by new and existing Internet-based services. Until this is accomplished, data integration in the Internet will remain a big issue."

Therefore, his logic seems to be, it behooves us to participate and monitor their evolution now. Makes perfect sense to me.



But if you're on retirement countdown and just don't care about Web 2.0 mumbo-jumbo, then I've got a different reading recommendation for you. This is an older piece-it's from October-but I just found it and it's a very unusual piece, so I'm sharing it anyway.


"Batch integration: An enterprising story" takes a look at what's going on with ISA88 batch standard and the ISA95 enterprise integration standard. It's not just a standards update, though-the piece also discusses how industries are using the integration standards. A good read; I'm just sorry I didn't find it sooner.


Have a good weekend.