Webinar Focuses on How Integration Can Help in Bad Economy


I don't normally go in for Webinars where the vendor leads the discussion, because I fear they'll turn into one long advertisement and you'll blame me for losing an hour of your life.


Sometimes, however, the title and description make me think it's worth the risk. Such was the case recently when SD Times sent me an e-mail about a Webinar scheduled for this Wednesday, enticingly entitled, "Leveraging Integration to Weather the Economic Storm."


Now, I've seen a lot of Webinars about integration, SOA and MDM. But I can confidently say this is the first one that promised integration could help your business withstand the current economic turmoil. In fact, there's precious little about integration and the economy, period. The only thing that springs to mind was this March Enterprise Systems piece promising the economy wouldn't deter data integration projects.


So, I had to check it out. My first thought was that it would look at how integration can save you money,but instead, it will focus on four ways you can use integration to make your business more efficient. True, reducing costs is part of that equation, but the focus seems to be on how you can increase efficiency and streamline processes now so your company will be well positioned when the economy does improve.


Jake Freivald, the vice president of iWay Software and Information Builders, is the speaker, with SD Times Senior Editor David Worthington moderating the event. Obviously, the event will include a discussion of iWay Software's merits, but it looks like there could be enough meat on the bone to ensure this is more than a vendor sales pitch. It's at 2 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. Pacific, so you won't have to sacrifice your lunch break to attend.

If it's disappointing, don't blame me. Just log out of the Webinar and spend that time reading these still useful posts instead:


While we're on the topic of upcoming events, there's another intriguing integration-related Webcast this week, this time on SaaS. Intel's Director of SOA Products, Girish Juneja, and 451 Group analyst Dennis Callaghan will discuss best practices for integrating SaaS to on-premise data and processes as part of a broader discussion on SaaS in a Tuesday, April 14, Webcast. "Bringing Departmental SaaS Usage Under IT Governance - An Enterprise IT Perspective" will also look at how SaaS fits in with service level agreements and compliance, virtualization and security.


The Webcast starts at 1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST. You can preregister, although it looks like Intel archives its Webcasts for replay, if you decide to check it out later.