Vendors Prep Mashups for Business Use

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Two announcements Tuesday indicate vendors are prepping mashups for enterprise adoption.


JackBe, an enterprise mashup software company, unveiled its new Presto Mashup Ready program -- essentially, a hefty group of partners who will work together to make enterprise mashups easier and more secure, according to John Crupi, the CTO of JackBe Corp. On JackBe's blog, Crupi explained:

"... there's one thing we've always been certain about: no single vendor can address the entire enterprise mashup problem alone. It is critical to catalyze mashups in the enterprise with an ecosystem that surrounds those mashups, making them easier and more secure."

Crupi's post also includes links to several interesting JackBe articles about enterprise mashups, including a list of the Seven Mashups every Company Needs.

The press release notes the partners were selected for their ability to contribute to an enterprise-class mashup platform in at least one of four areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Web-interface technology
  3. Hosting, storing or providing data content for mashups
  4. Problem-specific mashup solution consulting or systems integration and implementation services.

You can see a complete list of the Presto Mashup Ready partners on the press release. By the way, JackBe is still accepting applications for partner companies.


IBM also announced a new mashup offering for businesses this week during IBM Impact 2008, held in Las Vegas. The press release called the new offering "the industry's first complete mashup portfolio for business."


What's interesting about IBM's approach is it's designed for both IT and business users. The IBM Mashup Center is for business users and will include a browser-based, drag-and-drop interface. The Mashup Center will be released as a beta next week, but IBM reports early test customers used it to personalize sales data by combining ERP and CRM data with a line of business application.


We blogged earlier this week that the Mashup Center will also include Web 2.0 community features, such as tagging, ratings and comments. It also includes a security and governance features based, in part, on IBM's Web 2.0 security system, Smash.


The second part of the mashup portfolio is designed for IT and will be a commercial version of WebSphere sMash, currently available as a free developer's version online