Upcoming Webinar Offers Help for Engaging Business in MDM

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Gartner says 66 percent of organizations starting on master data management (MDM) projects will have a hard time demonstrating MDM's business value-a situation the IT research firm predicts will plague us for years to come.


Mostly, this is because IT tends to take the reins on MDM and businesses simply aren't as involved as they need to be.


I know-big surprise, right? What's even more shocking, though, is how many times I've written the same statement about how IT-driven projects should be enterprise-wide.


Of course, that's the wrong question, isn't it? The question isn't: Should IT be driving this MDM thing? The question should be: How do you get the business to step up?


Gartner's advice amounts to suggesting that you follow its "Seven Building Blocks of MDM" framework. But looking through the document, it doesn't have a lot in terms of practical advice for how to get the business leaders and users actually invested in MDM as their own project.


If you want a more concrete answer to that quandary, I suspect you can find it at a TDWI webinar tomorrow called, "The Business Value of MDM." It will feature Jill Dyche of Baseline Consulting, who happens to be one of my favorite IT consultants to read. She's smart, she's funny and she's advertised as having a three-camel dowry. But most importantly, she's excellent at explaining the business value of technology. And I can tell from the list of topics the webinar will cover that she's got some great tips for how to do that with MDM. Among the topics she'll cover:


  • Why an MDM pitch doesn't sound like a BI (business intelligence) pitch
  • Which conversations get the most traction with business executives
  • The primary and secondary success factors for sustainable master data


She'll also explain how MDM fits together with other data and integration-related investments, like ETL and data warehouses.


Rick Clements, the senior director of enterprise MDM at Initiate-which was purchased by IBM-will discuss IBM's master data solutions.


TDWI warns that the webinar's space is limited, so you should pre-register. It starts tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 16) at 9 a.m. If you can't make it, you might check back-it looks like TDWI does publish some webinars for on-demand viewing.


You might also check out what Edwin D'Cruz, a principal at Princeton Data Solutions, recently wrote about focusing on the <strong>customer to find MDM's</strong> <strong>business value</strong>.