Two More Announcements Around Big Data

Loraine Lawson
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The Business Impact of Big Data

Many business executives want more information than ever, even though they're already drowning in it.

It's spring, and the only thing more prolific than the dandelions are the new releases and updates from integration vendors. Or at least that's the way it seems when I go through my email this time of year. Maybe if I spent as much time-or any time-on my lawn, I'd feel differently.


Thus far, two announcements have caught my eye, and both are about Big Data and both are from open source vendors:

  • Jitterbit 4.0, which adds support for Big Data
  • Cloudera's recent release, which integrates even more goodies with its Hadoop package, CHD3


The big focus with Jitterbit 4.0 is on its wizard for cloud integration, which lets the non-techies use a drag-and-drop interface to connect cloud apps and on-premise apps using Web services, XML, databases and flat files, according to a press release published on Enterprise Systems.


It's also receiving attention because its new design encourages collaboration between the business side and IT by adding-among other features-automated data mapping and a business analyst mode that's separate from the developer mode.


Both of these strike me as worthwhile and timely, but also not particularly that surprising.


What I found more interesting, though, are the changes beneath the UI that support Big Data processing. According to the Jitterbit blog:

Under the hood, there are a number of huge improvements. At a high level, the team has re-engineered key pieces of the engine, allowing you to move millions of records faster than ever before.

That translates into more power for handling high-volume integration. It also includes Unicode support, so Jitterbit can handle data from any language or country. There's also a global search/replace so you can edit these volumes during integration.


The user interface is also designed to allow you to load these large files and perform test transformations and operations, according to the post, which also includes demos of the new wizard and interface.


Incidentally, the open source company is pushing another bit of news this week: Technology partner and service provider Jelecos switched from IBM's Cast Iron Systems solution to Jitterbit's solution. You may recall that IBM bought out Cast Iron last spring. Jitterbit immediately offered a swap-out incentive to existing Cast Iron customers called the "Cast Out the Iron" program.


Big Data specialist Cloudera is also integrating more tools into its distribution of Hadoop, which previously packaged only the Hive data warehouse software and Pig, a data flow language. The most recent version of CHD3 bundles to help organizations manage Big Data. With this release, PC World reports that Cloudera added the following open source tools:

  • Flume, a data aggregation tool
  • Sqoop, a data format converter
  • Hue, a Hadoop graphical user interface
  • Zookeeper, for configuration

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