Trend for Better Integration in Network Management Software


Here's some good news: Network-management software vendors are finally going to start focusing more on integrating all those products they've acquired, according to this article from Network World.


Ideally, acquisitions and mergers in any software space would mean better well-integrated products, but, as senior editor Denise Dubie observes in the piece, this hasn't been the case with network management.


Several recent announcements from management software vendors indicate this could be changing. The article cites three vendors - CA, NetScout and Symantec - that have updated their products and focused on integrating new capabilities, either with products they've acquired or with third-party solutions.


So what brought on this sudden integration love-fest? Jasmine Noel, co-founder and principal analyst with Ptak, Noel & Associates told Network World that's where the pain points are for customers.

Network administrators really can't manage availability and performance without good change control as well. Yet the capabilities that do fault, performance and change are different -- hence the different products -- where NOCs feel the pain is when those capabilities, and the admins that use them, are siloed and walled off from each other.

Of course, it could just be that the companies have finally had enough time to figure out how to integrate acquired capabilities. Either way, you win.