The Good Life for Talend: New Integrated Platform and $8 Million in Funds

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I don't play favorites when it comes to integration vendors. First, I'm a journalist at heart-it would be unprofessional. But perhaps more importantly, why would I? As my papaw used to say, I don't have a dog in that fight.


But I have to admit, while I won't "favor" it, I do admire Talend's gumption.


Talend is an open source company that doesn't flinch from competing with the big boys: Oracle, IBM and Informatica. It's not even afraid of analysts. When Talend didn't make Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools in 2008, CEO Yves de Montcheuil publicly took the research firm to task. I'm sure it was a coincidence that a year later, Talend became the first open source vendor to make the Data Integration Magic Quadrant, but I would also understand if it wasn't a coincidence.


But perhaps the biggest indicator of Talend's gumpion is that it's not content to be the top open source data integration tool; it's pushing on into bigger and better things. This year, Talend released an open source master data management tool-arguably, at this point the only open source MDM tool. While it's not the first open source MDM tool, it is arguably the only supported and viable MDM tool available today.


You would think unveiling a new MDM tool would be enough for the year, but no. Recently, Talend released a new platform that connects its data integration (Talend Open Studio), data quality (Talend Open Profiler) and Talend MDM tools.


Talend 4.0 integrates these products in three ways. First, it offers a single development interface, based on Eclipse. Second, it includes a common metadata repository, which means the three tools can share information such as user data, application metadata, business models, business rules, transformation and validation rules, connectors, data validation and workflows. And third, it integrates the deployment environment, so you can monitor and manage the data from a one place.

Intelligent Enterprise reports Talend 4.0 is "the first attempt to supply integrated data integration, data cleansing, and master data management in one open source product."


And Talend's timing couldn't be better: More companies are considering open source middleware in an effort to trim costs-which helps explain why the company posted record revenue growth last year. (For a detailed discussion on how open source affects the ROI of MDM, check out Andrew White's post and the reader comments by David Loshin, president of the BI consultancy, Knowledge Integrity, and de Montcheuil.)


And apparently, investors like gumption. This week, Talend announced it raised $8 million in Series D financing, brigning the company's total secured funding to $28 million. No wonder this open source vendor is hosting happy hours.