Tech Treats for Halloween

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Normally, I do my gosh-darnest to focus on emerging technology that might impact business IT in some shape or another. But, hey, it's Halloween, so I'm indulging in a few Halloween technology treats.


The first is this item at Physorg.com, which profiles several GPS-enabled services designed to keep little goblins safe on Halloween night. Verizon and Sprint offer services that help you monitor your trick-or-treater's whereabouts.


Verizon can even send a text message to both parent and child if the child strays too far out of pre-set boundaries. Sprint's service can map the home and work addresses of nearby registered sex offenders, a function available in all 50 states. It pings you if a registered offender moves nearby.


But some things -- present and involved parents, for instance -- just can't be replaced by technology, the article points out.


And since we know you're an active parent -- or perhaps caring aunt or uncle -- you might as well take advantage of one of the few tangible perks: Free Halloween candy. Some of you may be making grand plans to avoid indulging at all costs. But beware! Recent research suggests by thinking about not eating chocolate, you increase the chance you'll actually wolf down even more chocolate than if you'd just taken the mini-Snickers in the first place, according to this Science Daily report. So go ahead: put the kids to bed and pilfer a mini-Twix from the trick-or-treat bag.


Finally, get your scare-fix by checking out these tech- and sci-fi-inspired pumpkins on Wired. The creators paid homage to all sorts of geek icons, including the Death Star, Mozilla's Firefox icon, the Linux penguin and Pac-Man.