Still Figuring out SOA? Here's a Free e-Book


When a week's particularly busy, I often found myself with a long list of links with no place to go. This was one of those weeks. There was, thankfully, plenty to blog about, with some left over. It's like a Festivus miracle.


So, I thought I'd say adieu until Monday by offering two useful SOA resources that really don't need a lot of commentary, but which I thought you'd find helpful.


SOA Adoption for Dummies-for Free. The idea of an "SOA Adoption for Dummies" book cracks me up, because frankly, I suspect SOA makes a lot of people-including yours truly-feel like a dummy. You might as well use the title, "SOA for the Rest of Us." (Or should I say, "REST of Us?" Get it?) You can receive an electronic copy by e-mail for the usual registration information.


It's written by three guys from Software AG, including Miko Matsumura, whom I interviewed way back in May. I just got mine-it's 100 pages, so I'll be reading that a bit later. If you don't want to bother with the whole e-book, check out Joe McKendrick's summary on ZDNet.


Too Many SOA Platforms, Not Enough Governance? You all know the commandments by now: "Thou shalt not try to buy SOA, nor shalt thou try to create SOA governance by buying SOA governance tools." Now that we've established that SOA governance isn't something you buy, you can move on to SOA Governance 201: Buying the technology. SOA Magazine published a useful article, available as a PDF, this week; it includes 10 tips for successfully choosing and using SOA governance technology.