SnapLogic Joins Ranks Offering Salesforce.com Integration Support


This week, SnapLogic joined the ranks of vendors offering a Salesforce.com Solution Pack. The pack is an extension to SnapLogic's open source data-integration framework and will help organizations integrate data from Salesforce with other on-premise applications, including accounting systems, as well as other SaaS apps, Web sites and other data sources.


As I shared yesterday, more vendors are pushing to offer integration between cloud applications and on-premise or Web applications.


According to the press release, the solution pack will also allow you to:

  • Migrate customer records from internal CRM systems to Salesforce.com
  • Create custom data feeds so authorized users can import Salesforce.com data into enterprise portals, wikis and desktop applications, which, of course, means the spreadsheet most beloved of business users, Excel.

The Salesforce.com Solution Pack is licensed under the GPL v2, so is free, but it won't be available for download at SnapLogic.com until Aug. 18.



For those unfamiliar with SnapLogic, its solution is based on REST. The press release also touts its tools as enabling Really Simple Integration:

"In the Really Simple Integration paradigm, knowledge workers use familiar tools, including Web browsers, Google, and Excel, to discover, consume, transform, and publish enterprise data, creating a virtuous cycle of self-service data access and distribution."

SnapLogic Director of Marketing John Bennett told TechWorld the connector's drag-and-drop tool will appeal to small and mid-sized businesses, but it's also designed for large-scale integration projects. Bennett added the product is designed to compete with offerings such as CastIron's SaaS integration appliance, announced last week.



Last month, you may remember, SnapLogic announced a similar solution pack to help with SugarCRM integration and deployments.


In other integration news: Looking for an award-winning open source integration tool? You might want to check out this year's winners of InfoWorld's Best of Open Source Software Awards, aka the Bossies. Jitterbit, which offers a data-integration software, won in the "Best of Open Source Middleware and Platforms: Data Migration." JBoss took the ESB category. MediaWiki won in social collaboration for best wiki. There are probably other integration-related categories, but the annoying multi-slideshow format and today's slow connection kept me from finding them all. You can read about the Bossies here, but you'll have to view the annoying slideshow to review all the categories and winners.


Got SAP Data Migration Problems? Then you might want to register for "SAP Data Migration with Talend Open Studio and Pipeline Software," a free webinar scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 9 a.m. PDT, or noon on the East Coast. There's even a nifty tool to help you figure out when it will air in your time zone.


The webinar will include a demonstration of sample cases, as well as a discussion of SAP data-integration projects. It will cover such questions as whether you need to load data into SAP from other systems or extract data from SAP. And, of course, there'll be a discussion of how you can "simplify and accelerate SAP data integration," and no doubt that will cover Talend's potential role in your implementation.


Apatar Offers New Vertica Connector. Apatar, an open source integration provider, announced a new connector this week, this time to Vertica Analytic Database, which is used for analytics and business intelligence, according to Apatar's press release. The new connector will enable data migration between the Vertica database and third-party applications, which means no custom coding. It also will allow the data to be filtered, validated and cleansed as it goes.