Siperian After Informatica's Buyout: Integration and More Integration

Loraine Lawson

It's always interesting to me to see how buy-outs play out, particularly when it comes to integrating new product lines. Of course, you don't always hear what happens, or if you do, it's so lost in vendor-speak and PR-hype that it's hard to separate what's new, what's integrated and what's bull.


Recently, I had a chance to interview Ravi Shankar, the previous head of senior director of product marketing at Siperian. Informatica acquired the pure-play master data management vendor about six months ago, and Shankar is now the Senior Director of MDM Product Marketing. We spent a bit of time discussing what's new with the MDM tool, including MDM-aware applications-you can read that portion of the interview here. Then, I took the opportunity to ask him about the integration of Siperian into Informatica's own technologies.


It turns out, Siperian had a lot of customer overlap with Informatica anyway, so its MDM tool already supported or used a number of Informatica's products. For instance, the core matching technology for Siperian's MDM system actually came from Informatica Identity Resolution, and Siperian already supported integration with Informatica's Power Center, Data Quality and AddressDoctor.


So, obviously, technology integration wasn't a huge obstacle going into this deal. That said, there have been new integrations since the acquisition. Here are a few of the integrations Shankar shared:


  • Integrating the Business Data Director's metadata and Informatica's business glossary into the MDM product. Thanks to this integration, when customers see a business term within the MDM system and they're not clear on its meaning, they can click on the field and it will show them the business definition of that field. It can also show the hierarchy of the field as it relates to other fields, he said.
  • Embedding Informatica's data profiling and data quality capabilities into MDM. Generally, data profiling issues are handled outside the MDM system, but now, business users can manage data quality issues within the Business Data Director interface - which is part of Siperian's technology - essentially giving business users the ability to proactively maintain data quality, Shankar said.
  • Better integration with the cloud. Shankar uses an example of a marketing manager who goes to an event and comes back with leads, loaded into a cloud-based system. Rather than giving the file to IT to load into the MDM system, the manager can now activate a wizard that walks them through adding that cloud-based information to the MDM system.


They've also added support for social networking to the MDM system, so sales people can see a customers' Facebook or Twitter feed and see how a customer might be influencing sales.


Shankar said it's all part of Informatica's plan to not only provide a single version of the truth, but to place that information within relationships and a business context:


"The customers are increasingly looking for a single place, from a single view, how they can leverage the different aspects for the day to day work. When you talk about MDM people always think of a single version of the truth. Now it has gone beyond that. People are looking for applications. We have a large retail customer that is looking for an understanding of the customers - what are the products they bought with that, what source they got from that, which are the channels - so the customer can identify patterns and how they can improve their operations. So the single view becomes like motherhood and apple pie, but from there, the game has changed to be able to showcase the value that you can derive from that."

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Dec 15, 2010 3:40 PM CWoodard CWoodard  says:

Was Siperian using Informatica's Metadata Manager before the acquisition?  Does it now or will it in the future?  Thank you.


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