Semantic Tech's Implications for the Enterprise

Loraine Lawson

No doubt, you've heard about semantic Web and its potential to change the Web as we know it.


And, of course, I've written here on numerous occasions about semantic integration-which is, essentially, using semantic techniques, such as ontologies, to solve integration problems.


But a recent article in Information Management shows that semantic tech isn't something you'll apply in isolation to solve a specific tech problem-like, say integration. It will have a broader impact on how information is managed and manipulated across the enterprise - a topic that's generating more interest.

The Semantic Web's the Next Frontier," written by the CEO of Cambridge Semantics, Michael Cataldo, looks at how the financial services industry is embracing semantic technology. Cataldo explains how an ontology-based data system could have helped identify subprime mortgage loans sooner - say, for instance, before said bad loans nearly caused the collapse of a national economy. Not that I'm bitter.


But what I loved was his description of how semantics is a fabric that unites, and therefore dissolves, silos:


"A semantic implementation effectively creates a fabric to which all enterprise data can be connected. One benefit of this is the ability to discover provenance and history. As data is added to or changed, it is now possible to see who changed it, how it was changed and even recall the original version, potentially a boon for standards compliance."


Normally, I don't share anything that costs, but I will say that if you happen to be a Cutter Consortium client, you might want to attend their free (for paying clients) webinar on "The Rise of the Semantic Enterprise." Senior Consultant Mitchel Ummel will discuss how semantic technologies can be applied to enterprise issues such as business intelligence, data mining and CRM. Too bad we can't attend, but the webinar description in and of itself should tell you something about how broad semantic tech's impact could be.


Ummel apparently has written several articles about semantic technology and the enterprise - unfortunately, the only one open to free viewing is a short piece, "Incubators for Today's Semantic Data," which looks at the line between popular mashups and semantically aware applications.


Hopefully, Ummel will offer something more substantial about enterprises and semantic technology - but for free - soon. (Hint, hint.)

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Nov 5, 2009 3:52 PM Kim Leonard Kim Leonard  says:

We've put the "Rise of the Semantic Enterprise" issue of Cutter IT Journal up on our site as a PDF download (it's free but requires registration). Mitchell Ummel was the guest editor, and the issue provides a great look from a variety of angles of the semantic enterprise discussion.

Here's a link to the download page http://www.cutter.com/offers/semanticenterprise.htm.

(And thanks for mentioning Mitch's webinar, Loraine! Please do register & attend as our guest (http://www.cutter.com/forms/eventSignup.html).

Nov 12, 2009 8:26 PM John O'Gorman John O'Gorman  says:

The Cutter link throws a 404 error.

Nov 12, 2009 8:39 PM Li Liao Li Liao  says: in response to John O'Gorman

10 minutes later, it still throws the 401 page not found error.

Nov 12, 2009 8:43 PM John O'Gorman John O'Gorman  says: in response to Li Liao


...will get you where you want to go


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