SAP Offers New SOA Governance Tools


To be honest, SAP's been quiet ... almost too quiet ... on the SOA front over the past year.


But in the wake of this month's SAP's ASUG and SAPPHIRE conventions in the U.S. and Germany, there's been a rash of news about SAP's SOA offerings. The reports range from announcing an enterprise SOA Starter kit to a SOA300, a three-day training course offered by the SAP Education organization.


SearchSAP offered the best overview of SAP's SOA push with its recent article, "SOA in a Nutshell, Courtesy SAP."


But if you're interested in SOA governance tools, rather than training, you'll want to read about SAP's Enterprise Service Repository for NetWeaver, which is designed to help with SOA design-time governance.


Integration Developer News offered the best explanation of the ES Repository, which, as repositories are want to do, will serve as a central library for defining enterprise service metadata. It will also include a tool-based governance automation at design-time, which means, according to the article, it will check new services to make sure they're adhering to the design and development rules.


Currently, the ES repository ships with both SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1 and SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1.


In other integration news: Apatar Integrates with IBM DB2. Apatar, which provides open source data integration tools, announced last week it can integrate with IBM's DB2 relational database management products. This means users will be able to synchronize data between DB2 and third-party applications. It will also help with moving data from legacy and mainframe systems, integrations with multiple data sources, and "cleanse" data extracted from or written to DB2 products -- all without custom code, according to the company's press release. Instead, you use a visual tool with drag-and-drop interface to create the connections.


Apatar's integration with IBM DB2 adds to a long list of solutions it connects to, including SalesForce.com, SugarCRM, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and GoldMine.


If you'd like to read something about Apatar that's a bit more unbiased than a press release, check out this recent InfoWorld review by Savio Rodrigues, who spent some time playing with its extract, transform, load (ETL) and data integration offerings. He discusses the visual designer and mapping tool in more detail and offers a nice debriefing on the product.


Sage Integrates CRM and ERP. Good news if you're one of the 56,000 Sage CRM or 5.5 million Sage ERP users. The company is moving ahead with plans to integrate the two offerings. Sage recently launched two "Extended Enterprise Solution" suites for small- and mid-sized businesses. The new suites are based on two of the company's ERP applications sets, but with aspects of the CRM solution integrated. The new suites will go on sale through Sage MAS channel partners in late June, according to this ChannelWeb article. The company also recently unveiled a partner-hosted subscription option for its CRM system, Act, and said it will continue to develop a SAAS strategy over the next year and a half.