Salesforce.com Introduces SOA as a SaaS

Loraine Lawson

Not long ago, I read an Intelligent Enterprise column promising that SOA would soon be offered as a service. I was skeptical, so I arranged a Q&A -- published today -- with author and analyst Brad Shimmin.


The timing couldn't be more perfect, because today, Salesforce.com announced it will offer SOA as a service.


News.com reports that the new service -- called Salesforce SOA -- is an extension of the company's Apex programming language, which already empowers developers to integrate data applications.


The News.com article reads as if Salesforce SOA will perform the integration between programs on the server, allowing for more "sophisticated" mashups. In that case, it makes good on another hot topic: integration virtualization.


I've blogged about the issues with SOA and virtualization recently. But what about managing data in this increasingly virtual environment?


Last week, Cutter Consortium wrote about just this issue. Analyst Ken Orr outlined the problems large companies face in managing data. He doesn't specifically address virtualization, but he does suggest a solution that might help with virtualization: the data architect. Obviously, data architect isn't a new job description. But it is quickly becoming more important, Orr writes:

... data architecture has become such a critical issue that it is now a top management concern, and as a consequence, the function is being pushed toward to the top of the org chart. Data is the lifeblood of the electronic real-time enterprise, and data management is the name of the game.
With Salesforce.com entering the virtual integration market, you can bet this will become more mainstream. This might be a good time to reevaluate your governance policies for data integration.

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May 24, 2007 7:34 PM Don Griffing Don Griffing  says:
Please do not let the marketing folks at Salesforce.com run off with another software acronym and confuse the general business community. SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) describes an environment that uses loosely coupled services to support the requirements of business processes and users. All Salesforce is doing to giving finer grain access to their existing processes, which I highly applaud and congratulate them in figuring a way to monetize it. But, I do not want them defining the term for the entire business community as they are doing for SaaS. I recently listen to a web cast sponsored by Salesforce that attempted to make me believe that the only I could be SaaS was to work within their framework. As a developer a web-native software application that we host and operate for our customers over the Internet, I found that that to be very insulting as would, I believe, my fellow vendors would feel. Reply
May 25, 2007 11:10 AM Kristian Karre Kristian Karre  says:
Right!SOA as a SAAS makes a wonderful headline but obviously this would be ONE implementation of SOA, not the only one.Be sure, all ESB vendors will somehow try to address this!Kind of nice though, not having to buy an ESB... Reply

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