Progress Software Buys Again - This Time, It's Mindreef


Man, you can't go away for a weekend without some SOA vendor buying some other SOA guy out.


If you read Friday's post, you saw Progress made headlines last week for a $162 million buyout deal of Iona Technologies. What Progress managed to slip under the radar, however, was the fact it finalized the acquisition of Mindreef last week as well.


Progress fessed up yesterday that it wanted to hold off on the announcement, apparently spilled the beans to Jeff Schneider of consultancy MomentumSI late last week.


By yesterday, it was like a wildfire among the SOA blog-o-sphere, which, really, isn't that big, but you get the idea: It's a pretty big announcement, especially in light of the Iona Technology deal, which is expected to be finalized in September.


The Mindreef acquisition, however, is a done deal and Mindreef will be absorbed into Progress Software. InformationWeek reports the Mindreef product name is expected to remain for most products, and it will be sold separately from other Progress software.


Progress is best known for its Sonic enterprise service bus. Mindreef makes the SOAPscope SOA products and is basically known as a SOA quality assurance, or governance, vendor.


According to the article, Mindreef reassured its 3,000 customers that they will offer uninterrupted services and support in an online FAQ. And may I just say, kudos to Mindreef for publishing the FAQ. That was a smart move. If more companies would do that, there'd be a lot less worry and speculation over what deals like this mean for client organizations.


So far, pundits and analysts seem to like the acquisition. Ronald Schmelzer, who is darn tired of people equating SOA with Web services integration, told Network World the deal sends the right message about how SOA does not mean Web services integration or ESBs (enterprise service buses), but rather

"... is about changing the way we think of and consume IT capabilities, and to do so in an environment of high quality requires a robust platform."

Here are links to what other analysts said:

If you're keeping score -- or, for some weird reason, you're playing Fantasy SOA Market -- IT consultant MomentumSI maintains an updated list of who's bought whom and which vendors are still kicking it solo-style.