Organizations Still Struggling with Data Basics

Loraine Lawson
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Five Tips for Easier Data Governance

Five steps you can take to ease the trauma of starting data governance.

Here it is, 2012, and what's the most significant challenge for managing information?


Silos. Information silos - and that's without even considering those newfangled cloud silos.


Seventy-one percent of 318 respondents said information silos was their biggest data/information challenge today - besting poor data quality, staff resources and skills, spreadmarts and a number of other BI- and data-related challenges in a Bloor Group survey that was recently released.


After reading the results, I would say what's most interesting is the survey shows just how basic most organizations remain when it comes dealing with data and information.


Earlier in 2011, the Bloor Goup began researching how to define an emerging architectural model it called the Information Oriented Architecture (IOA). Last month, it released a white paper detailing its findings, as well as the results of a survey on Information Oriented Architecture, which it conducted via the Web over the course of five months, June-October.


Interestingly enough, despite confessing to silo problems, 51 percent of the enterprises that responded said they'd now developed an Information Oriented Architecture.


But when you look at the details of the survey, it's clear most organizations are still working on the fundamentals when it comes to managing information: busting silos with integration and trying to ensure the data is clean. When asked to name the top five priorities for 2012, 42 percent chose integration with operational processes; self-service BI came in second with 39 percent.


Oddly, Big Data came in third with 23 percent. I say, "oddly," because 71 percent said they had no plans for parallel software development projects like Hadoop.

Sixty percent said they don't even have a data governance program in place - and another five percent responded to that question with a "don't know."


Cloud? Not this group. Sixty-nine percent said they have no cloud adoption strategy. Fifty-seven have no plans to try cloud as an infrastructure and 51 percent have no plans to try for SaaS.


Of course, there are two ways to read the stats on cloud adoption. One way is to say, "See, cloud's all hype." Another way is to notice that 80 percent of the respondents work in IT departments and say, "Wow, IT is really behind the curve on this cloud thing. Wonder how many already have SaaS in their organization and don't know it?"


So, when it comes to building the next-generation data architecture, many organizations are still struggling with the foundation work.

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Jan 4, 2012 6:07 PM John Owens John Owens  says:

Great post, Loraine

What you say is so true.  It is amazing how little most enterprises have moved forward over the years, in spite of improvements in technology.  Many have actually gone backwards and are demonstrating less knowledge and expertise on data management now than was the case 20 years ago.

In spite of all of the hyperbole spoken, few of the fundamentals are being addressed with the result that, with ever increasing data volumes, the solution is receding rather than coming closer.

Too many practitioners and commentators think that treating Data Quality as a complex, almost insolubable, problem, rather than grasping its inherent simplicity and getting the basics right, is the road to success,  How wrong they are!

With the inability to understand and manage the fundamentals in so many enterprises globally, we can look forward to a Data Quality melt down when these same enterprises start to try handle Big Data.



Jan 6, 2012 10:38 AM Ceretta Ceretta  says:

Sooner or later the world will fall apart, but can not go further back


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