Oracle Integrates GoldenGate, Pervasive Offers More Options and Help Integrating Macs

Loraine Lawson

What is it with November and data-integration suites? I feel like I'm hearing a new announcement every day.


Well. To be fair, I've heard of four, and one's under embargo until next week.


Still. This week brought the unveiling of the new data-integration platform, Informatica 9. As I shared earlier, the reviews of Informatica 9 are favorable; it seems Informatica has come a long way from its pure-play ETL days.


Oracle also had a new release this week, unveiling the fruits of its summer GoldenGate acquisition. The Oracle-Golden Gate deal was the object of much speculation and angst in July, but Oracle's announcement Tuesday didn't attract much attention. And by "much," I mean a few sites ran the press release.


That's probably because Oracle pretty much followed the forecasts from July, integrating GoldenGate's high-speed/high-availability data integration with the Oracle Data Integration suite, which means, as predicted, it works with Oracle Fusion Middleware.


As I said, this didn't attract much attention, but gap analysis firm SSG did write a brief post about how the integration affects business intelligence systems.


Oracle posted links to a webcast on the new offering, as well as a download page for Oracle GoldenGate software, but you can only access the actual webcast and downloads if you have an Oracle account. The rest of us will just have to make do with the press release and the .pdf of the Oracle/GoldenGate acquisition FAQ.


Pervasive Software also made a data-integration announcement this week: Its Pervasive Data Integrator software now connects with Pervasive DataCloud 2, which is an integration-as-a-service offering based on Amazon Web services. Basically, it "hosts" the integration for Pervasive's customers. This new announcement means clients can perform the integration on premise, in the cloud or with a hybrid approach.


Finally, the Enterprise Desktop Alliance is offering a series of webinars on how to integrate Macs into the enterprise. Apple may be cagey about the enterprise,but apparently the enterprise is less edgy about Apple. According to the post, the alliance is offering this series due to "demand from enterprise IT managers," so maybe things are changing.


The first, which focused on supporting Macs, ran Tuesday, but can be viewed on demand. Two more are scheduled; the next is on security and data protection, and the last focuses on enterprise integration and management of Snow Leopard.


While tooling around the site, I also found another potentially useful on-demand webinar featuring case studies on integrating the Mac into a Windows infrastructure.


You will need to register to view any of the events.

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