Open Source Data Integration Plays with Big Boys

Loraine Lawson

Here's an interesting development: Big-boy data integration players Informatica and IBM have new competition from the open source community.


Today, Talend ships Open Studio v2.0, an updated, more robust version of its open-source data integration software. Unlike traditional data integration tools, which tend to rely on ETL to move data from store to store, Open Studio uses Java for real-time integration.


According to a Forrester Research analyst interviewed for this story, Open Studio v2.0 will appeal to solution providers, because it's low-cost and open source. Talend is licensing Open Studio v2.0 under the GPL v.2 license and plans to make money by consulting, training and technical support for the product.


The solution includes more than 100 connectors for enterprise apps.


Data integration is in demand right now, pushed in part by corporate merges and acquisitions and the flood of data organizations are creating -- much of which ties back to Sarbanes-Oxley. Of course, Talend isn't the only open-source integration offering. In fact, SnapLogic recently made headlines for an Internet-scale data integration solution.


Open source seems like a smart solution, especially when you're trying to mesh together data from so many different systems and applications.

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Apr 25, 2007 4:57 PM OSSC OSSC  says:
To claim that Talend is 'the only open-source integration offering' is quite comical. There are at least 10 open source ETL tools that have been available prior to Talend jumping into the game. If you want a mature, enterprise proven OS ETL tool, I strongly recommend that you check out Pentaho Data Integration (formerly Kettle) at kettle.pentaho.org. It has over 70 pre-built transformation objects, connects to nearly any data source, and is far easier to use and maintain. Reply
Apr 25, 2007 5:03 PM Loraine Loraine  says:
I think you misread. It says Talend "ISN'T the only open-source integreation offering." In fact, the link is to an article that looks at other offerings. But thanks for the tip. Reply
Apr 27, 2007 2:39 PM YvesM YvesM  says:
OSSC, the whole point is that data integration is much broader than ETL which is focused on data warehousing and analytics. It also includes operational data integration - ensuring applications interoperability. There are indeed a number of open source ETL tools out there - but they are not geared toward operational integration (Pentaho is a BI vendor, so it's logical they focus integration around BI). And as far as easier to use and maintain - all I'd say is: try several tools and decide for yourself...[Disclaimer: I work for Talend] Reply
Jul 21, 2008 11:29 AM Guru Guru  says:
Since the version 2.0 of Talend Open Studio was released, there has been many changes and improvements, thanks in part to the feedback given by the Talend community which has been steadily growing since we released the first version. We have introduced important features such as Slowly Changing Dimensions, new SOA capabilities and more recently enhanced real-time support though change data capture. Feel free to visit our site and download the latest version, Talend Open Studio v2.4, and to take a look at these new features. Reply

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