On the Horizon: A 40-Hour Laptop Battery

Loraine Lawson

Researchers have found a way to extend laptop battery time to 40 hours -- literally, a full, legal work week -- by using silicon nanowires for battery anodes, according to an article in Sci-Tech Today.


ZDNet quotes researcher Yi Cui as saying, "It's not a small improvement. It's a revolutionary development."


Boy, is it! I know lots of you use laptops and are no doubt really excited to learn of this development. But, seriously, I don't think anyone could be more thrilled than yours truly.


You see, my five-year-old Dell laptop is a true marvel of inefficiency and it always has been. It can literally run out the battery in half an hour, which is really, really annoying.


We can thank Stanford University Assistant Professor Yi Cui and his buddies at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering for this breakthrough. Scientists have known for a long time -- the article says 30 years -- that silicon anodes would extend the charging capacity theoretically. But when you add lithium, the silicon anodes would change volume by 400 percent, according to the Sci-Tech Today article.


Cui and his amigos figured out the anode could hold 10 times the lithium if they used a sponge-like network of silicon nanowires.


Thank you, Stanford!


Cui has filed a patent -- the rest is just business details. The article says Cui is predicting two-day batteries could be on the market within several years. A vague answer, but, hey, I've already waited five years.

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Aug 16, 2008 7:26 PM Bhavik Pargee Bhavik Pargee  says:
Very Nice to hear about a 40 hour long battery.From where I can purchase it ? Reply
Sep 1, 2008 4:32 PM ceteras ceteras  says:
indeed fantastic.the same improve could be a great use for electric and hibrid cars such as Volt, Prius, and others.The only question is: how long business details will take?I've read about battery life improves in other articles, but none came to market since. I guess I'll just bookmark this article and wait.Thak you for the great news! Reply
Sep 16, 2008 11:08 AM cyrus Smith cyrus Smith  says:
Its really good to hear about 40 hours battery life.mostly I go outside and I have no any source to recharge my battery so its really very useful to mebut could you tell me how many volts they need to recharge and how much time they need to refilland thanks for introducing it to us..Cyrus Smith Reply
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Jan 12, 2009 9:20 AM Barry Wheeler Barry Wheeler  says:
It is interesting how we keep hearing promises of long life batteries such as this but they never truly materialize. Reply
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